Russia Experiences Significant Attack on Its Territory Amid Ongoing Conflict with Ukraine

Reports of drone attacks on Russian soil by the Ukrainian forces have escalated to the largest cross-border attack since the war started, with the important airport in Pskov becoming the latest victim.

Unprecedented Assault Unleashed 

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Russia witnessed an unprecedented drone onslaught, marking the most extensive attack on its soil since the war’s inception in February 2022, causing chaos across the nation’s airports and skies.

Multiple Regions Targeted 

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Wednesday’s onslaught targets several regions, including Moscow, Oryol, Ryazan, Bryansk, Kaluga, and Pskov, triggering widespread airport closures and flight delays which Russia promises “Won’t go unpunished.”

Russia Claims to Have Thwarted Attacks

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Russian authorities claimed to have thwarted almost all of the drone attacks, reporting minimal damage and no casualties, despite multiple areas being targeted.

Moscow’s Close Call 

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Russian air defense forces intercepted a drone en route to Moscow, averting a potential disaster in the Ruza district, according to Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin’s revelation.

Flight Operations Halted 

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All Moscow airports suspended flight operations in response to the security situation as a precautionary measure to ensure public safety and assess potential damage.

Counterattacks and Intercepted UAVs 

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Russian defense forces reported intercepting three Ukrainian-style drones over Bryansk, damaging an administrative building.

Another drone over Oryol was obstructed, preventing further damage.

Kaluga’s Intercept and Ryazan’s Defense 

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Russian forces brought down a UAV over the Kaluga region, while simultaneously thwarting two other drone attacks in the Ryazan region, preserving local security.

Pskov’s Airport in Flames 

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Drones struck Pskov’s airport late at night, igniting a fire that damaged four IL-76 military aircraft, triggering flight cancellations and causing widespread disruption.

Ilyushin 76 Planes Ablaze 

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Pskov witnessed Ilyushin 76 transport planes catching fire in the drone attack, intensifying the chaotic scene and adding to the growing list of damages.

Explosive Attack From Afar 

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Over 600km from Ukraine’s border, Pskov fell victim to an explosive drone assault, as Ukraine is speculated to step up its cross-border drone tactics.

Ukraine Expanding Drone Tactics 

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Ukraine is suspected of expanding its use of explosive drones to target Russia, creating a tense atmosphere of cross-border aggression and uncertainty.

Russian Military’s Response

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The Russian military reported it destroyed Ukrainian boats carrying around 50 soldiers in the Black Sea operation, further escalating tensions on the waves.

Skies Above Vnukovo Closed 

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Reports confirmed the airspace closure above Moscow’s Vnukovo airport, signaling heightened security measures in response to the ongoing drone threat.

Local Governor’s Account 

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Pskov’s regional governor, Mikhail Vedernikov, recounts the drone attack, affirming the defense ministry’s response and indicating no immediate casualties.

A Week of Strikes 

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Recent weeks have witnessed a flurry of drone strikes targeting various Russian regions, amplifying concerns and deepening tensions.

Zelensky’s Stance

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky maintains that attacks on Russian territory are a natural outcome of the ongoing conflict, underscoring his country’s resilience.

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