Hospice Workers Share Insights on Unexplained Phenomena Observed at Life’s End

One brave hospice worker has revealed the top phenomenon that occurs before people are about to pass away, and it seems that she’s not the only one who knows about it!

A Glimpse into Hospice Care

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Julie McFadden, a hospice nurse, explained the extraordinary phenomenon that often accompanies patients in their final moments.

Unveiling “Visioning” – An Intriguing Phenomenon

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McFadden delved into the phenomenon where individuals on the cusp of their journey to the afterlife believe they can interact with their departed loved ones.

A Comforting Revelation

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The moment, known as “Visioning,” offers solace to those nearing transition, with no clear explanation for this occurrence but a comforting reassurance that it’s a common phenomenon.

As The Veil Lifts

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McFadden shared how individuals perceive and experience visioning, “Here is my most comforting fact about death and dying,” she started.

“The Craziest Things We See”

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“The craziest things we see on hospice is that most people will start seeing dead relatives, dead loved ones, dead friends, dead pets before they die,” she said.

Proximity to the End of Life

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Visioning usually occurs a month or a few weeks before a person’s passing, “It’s usually a good indicator that the person’s getting closer to death” she said.

A Mystery To Go Unsolved

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“We have no idea why this happens,” she admitted. “We’re not claiming they really are seeing these people,” she also clarified.

A Recurring Phenomenon

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“All I can tell you as a healthcare professional, who has worked in this line of work for a very long time, it happens all the time.”

Messages from the Departed

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McFadden recounts touching accounts of patients communicating cherished messages to their loved ones through visioning.

Educating Families About “Visioning”

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Hospice professionals sensitively educate patients and their families about it, “It happens so much we have to educate the family and the patient about this topic,” McFadden said.

Embracing the Limitless

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While the medical community cannot explain the mechanics of visioning, McFadden encourages an open-minded approach, claiming that it can offer families closure at the end of their loved one’s life.

Providing Comfort and Closure

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In the hospice setting, visioning often acts as a tender accompaniment to a person’s final moments, allowing them to find closure and peace in reuniting with departed loved ones.

Viewers Recount Their Experiences With “Visioning”

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Viewers had a lot to say about the occurrence, claiming they also know people who have experienced it.

A Spooky Coincidence?

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“The last morning my mom was coherent she said she could already see my grandma, who died 42 yrs ago,” one user admitted.

More Mysteries From The Deceased

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One user claimed, “Yep! My mother in law was telling her sister that their mother was packing a suitcase for her trip and picked out a dress for her to wear.”

A Family’s “Visioning” Experience

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One user claimed multiple family members experienced it, “My dad saw his siblings, my mom saw her sister and heard my dad, my grandma saw her son who preceded her in death. It’s beautiful to witness.”

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