Woman’s Humorous Response to Husband Expecting Inheritance from Her Mother

A grieving woman sparked outrage on Reddit after she cut her husband out of her mom’s inheritance. Payback is rough, even among spouses. Here is the full story.

They’re a Young Family

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OP is a 29-year-old stay-at-home mom with a 31-year-old husband and 4-year-old son.

He Wanted Her at Home

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When they got married, OP had a job, but her husband wanted her to stay home when they started having kids.

He’s the Breadwinner

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Because OP’s husband made a lot more money than she did, she agreed to the arrangement.

Her Health Crashed

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Everything was fine until OP’s mother got really sick a couple of years ago.

She’d had diabetes for a while, and things took a quick turn for the worse.

She Needed Help

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While OP’s mom was able to pay for her own hospitalizations, she didn’t have enough money to cover all of the smaller doctor’s appointments and treatments that followed.

They Split the Costs

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So OP and her 25-year-old brother agreed to split those costs between them.

He Refused to Pitch In

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But when OP asked her husband to pay for half her mom’s medical bills, he flatly refused.

She Stuck Him with the Whole Thing

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In fact, OP’s husband wouldn’t pay anything at all, saying it wasn’t his responsibility.

That left her brother to pay the entire bill.

She Left Something Behind

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After a long and hard struggle, OP’s mother passed away.

She didn’t have much money, but that didn’t mean she died poor.

They Were Very Valuable

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Instead, OP’s mom owned four properties. Though they were in bad shape and needed a lot of work, they were still very valuable in the exploding real estate market.

They Each Got Half

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When she died, OP’s mother left those properties to her kids, with two going to each of them.

He Knew What to Do

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As soon as he heard about the inheritance, OP’s husband knew exactly what she should do.

He wanted her to sell.

He Had Big Plans

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And with the money OP was going to get from those properties, her husband planned to make some repairs and updates to their house.

She Would Fund It All

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Besides those improvements, OP’s husband thought they might take a nice vacation.

He was ready to live high on the hog, courtesy of his dead mother-in-law.

She Laughed at Him

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OP could hardly believe her ears when her husband revealed his plans. She laughed in his face.

He Had No Say

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And then OP told her husband that he had no say in what happened with her inheritance since he had refused to help her mom when she was alive.

He Stormed Out

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OP’s husband told her she was being a horrible person, then stomped off to work, pouting all the way out the door.

She Was Being Selfish

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Later that day, OP’s sister-in-law called her up to tell her how selfish and irrational she was being. 

She Was a Moocher

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The irate woman told OP she owed her husband because she had been living off his money ever since their son was born.

She Could Pay Him Back

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Her mom’s inheritance was OP’s big chance to pay him back.

It Made Her Think

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Even though OP was offended by her sister-in-law’s comments at first, she put some thought into it.

She’s On the Fence

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Now, OP thinks  there may be some logic to her husband’s argument and wonders if she should reconsider.

Redditors have no doubt that OP’s first instinct was right and think she should tell her husband and his sister to stick it.

They also advise her to take special care with the money from the inheritance to make sure her husband can’t get his hands on it.

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