Recent Study Uncovers That Chatbots Have the Ability to Identify User’s Race and Location Based on Typing Patterns

Ever since ChatGPT took the world by storm late in 2022, AI chatbots have given some users the creeps. According to a new study, there is a good reason for that, and the scary stuff may be just beginning. Here is the full story. This Can’t Be Real! When OpenAI launched ChatGPT, they sent shock … Read more

Rising Concerns Among Consumers as AI and Facial Recognition Technologies Elicit Backlash in the US

There are huge concerns in the US about the integration of AI into facial recognition technology. This technology, which is being used in retailers across the country, is being used to track shoppers’ emotions and push personalized ads in-store. Facial Recognition Surveillance in Us Retail Advocacy groups have sounded a warning regarding the increasing use … Read more

Man Influenced by AI Relationship Faces Charges in Plot Involving Historical Grievances

In a disturbing incident on Christmas Day 2021, Jaswant Singh Chail, self-styled as ‘Darth Chailus,’ attempted to infiltrate Windsor Castle with a crossbow, declaring his intent to kill the Queen. Chail’s case is a concerning blend of delusion and artificial influence, shedding light on the complex interactions between mental health, technology, and extremist tendencies in … Read more