Examining the Potential Impact of a Trump Victory on Russia-Ukraine Dynamics

Given Putin’s latest comments on Ukraine’s dependency on US aid, some argue that his main strategy to destroy Ukraine relies on convincing the West to stop funding the country. Given the recent revelations in Washington, could Putin’s plan come to fruition? Trump’s Proposal End to Ukrainian Conflict Former President Donald Trump once boasted that he … Read more

Concerns Mount Over Trump’s Rhetoric and Its Implications for American Democracy

In recent tweets and public statements, Donald Trump has launched scathing attacks on various individuals, including military officials, politicians, and legal professionals. It seems that he throws around more sinister threats the more he doesn’t get his own way. Unleashing a Torrent of Attacks Using derogatory terms like “traitor,” “monster,” and “deranged lunatic,” Trump has … Read more

Recent Findings on Prigozhin’s Flight Raise Questions About Possible Sabotage Links

Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed news about the plane crash that claimed the life of notorious Wagner warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin in August after the international community suspected the Kremlin was behind the attack. Grenades Found on Board Contrary to initial reports suggesting an “external” attack, Putin unveiled a startling theory, indicating that hand grenades … Read more

U.S. Intercepts Drone Over Syria; Turkey’s Response Highlights Rising Regional Tensions

For the first time ever, the United States has shot down a Turkish aircraft. But Turkey says that’s not the case at all. Here’s the full story. Too Close for Comfort On October 5, the Pentagon reported that the U.S. military had shot down a Turkish drone that flew too close to American troops stationed … Read more

Biden’s New Border Security Strategy Involves Tweaking Environmental Regulations

Once upon a time, Democrats laughed at Donald Trump’s plan to build a border wall. Now the Biden administration has decided it has no choice but to follow Trump’s lead. Here is the full story. More Than They Bargained For So-called “sanctuary cities” like New York and Chicago have been flooded with thousands of migrants … Read more

Supreme Court Ruling on Hunter Biden Laptop Tweets Case Draws Significant Attention

Conservatives say social media platforms like Facebook and X have been squashing their viewpoint for years. Now the Supreme Court will decide just how much leeway the tech giants should have. Here is the full story. Musk Is Leaking Back in late 2022, new X (formerly Twitter) owner Elon Musk released some internal documentation he … Read more

Pence Expresses Strong Disappointment with Republican Party’s Recent Decisions

A small group of Republicans just helped blow up the House of Representatives. Now, Mike Pence has a message for his fellow conservatives that they might not want to hear. Here’s the full story. Fresh Meat It didn’t take long for the vultures to start swarming after Speaker of the House Mike McCarthy brokered a … Read more