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  • The News School (TNS) is an advanced training platform designed specifically for aspiring journalists, investigative reporters, publicists, editors and enterprising bloggers interested in preserving the highest standards of traditional news and information reporting. These standards have often been described as fairness, honesty, impartiality, objectivity, accuracy, transparency, clarity, comprehensiveness, independence, accountability, civility, integrity, and excellence. TNS and its subsidiary publications not only strive to bring readers news, information and opinion reports of the highest quality, but also “recruit and develop [a] growing cadre of citizen journalists through [a] selective training program known as “Writer’s Boot-Camp.” This proprietary TNS program is grounded upon an intrinsic philosophy titled “Boldly Inclusive,” which suggests that all voices, regardless of economic means, educational level, political leanings, gender, race or any other defining characteristic, should be invited to participate in the global conversation. For those who believe in the tenets of TNS, the school and its publications are a viable platform where the free exchange of news and information is strongly supported, encouraged, and practiced. The TNS bootcamp program guides writers through a uniquely transformative proprietary process that illuminates, simplifies and intelligently connects rules that govern the art of written communication. TNS arranges and frames grammar and punctuation rules so that they are, essentially, more accessible and, arguably, far more fun to adopt compared to traditional courses on writing. In addition, "Writer's Bootcamp" trains writers to incorporate a list of proprietary SEO protocols into their content to enhance its performance.

    Since it is generally understood that the success of an online news service is partly dependent upon search engine optimization and the quality of its content, TNS "Writer's Bootcamp" provides a “boldly inclusive,” eight-week journalism certification program to effectively meet this need.

    Graduates of the program are paid $50.00 to $100.00 as a bonus for completing this eight-week on-the-job training process and are certified to write for any one of seven TNS publications.

    Possessing a TNS certification certificate, confirms that the writer has satisfactorily obtained the necessary skills needed to fashion fresh, diverse, textually rich and original content. This in turn, enhances and maximizes publication performance. Moreover, it makes a TNS certified writer almost indispensable. That is why all Graduates of the TNS Writer’s Bootcamp program receive a guaranteed job offer immediately upon certification.

    If you are interested in writing for any one of The News School's publications, there are no substitutes to this process.

    This boldly inclusive on-the-job training program can be completed online by anyone, and therefore can be taken from anywhere in the world, even from your own home.

    This is an outstanding opportunity valued at $4,500.00. But if you signup today, we will waive this cost.

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