Recent Study Uncovers That Chatbots Have the Ability to Identify User’s Race and Location Based on Typing Patterns

Ever since ChatGPT took the world by storm late in 2022, AI chatbots have given some users the creeps. According to a new study, there is a good reason for that, and the scary stuff may be just beginning. Here is the full story. This Can’t Be Real! When OpenAI launched ChatGPT, they sent shock … Read more

Climate Crisis at a Tipping Point as Rising Temperatures Severely Affecting Amazon Wildlife, Including Dolphins

As El Niño amps up the effects of global warming, every corner of the earth is starting to swelter. Now, the Amazon rainforest and the rivers that feed it are taking the brunt of this year’s brutal weather. Here’s how an extended drought is setting disastrous climate records. Hotbed of Hope The Amazonian rainforest is … Read more

Record-Breaking Performance by Trans Women Cyclists in Chicago Ignites Nationwide Discussion

As the battle over transgender athletes rages on, two trans cyclists ran the tables in a recent Chicago race. Here is why they have conservatives in an uproar and crying foul all over again. Cycling Takes a Stance In July of 2023, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) updated its rules regarding transgender athletes.  They Drew … Read more

U.S. Intercepts Drone Over Syria; Turkey’s Response Highlights Rising Regional Tensions

For the first time ever, the United States has shot down a Turkish aircraft. But Turkey says that’s not the case at all. Here’s the full story. Too Close for Comfort On October 5, the Pentagon reported that the U.S. military had shot down a Turkish drone that flew too close to American troops stationed … Read more

Biden’s New Border Security Strategy Involves Tweaking Environmental Regulations

Once upon a time, Democrats laughed at Donald Trump’s plan to build a border wall. Now the Biden administration has decided it has no choice but to follow Trump’s lead. Here is the full story. More Than They Bargained For So-called “sanctuary cities” like New York and Chicago have been flooded with thousands of migrants … Read more