About Us

About Us

pslogo1The Public Slate seeks to inform readers in a timely, accurate, and lively manner on important issues affecting all Americans. TPS encourages strong debate and welcomes contributions from citizen journalists as well as seasoned journalists.

TPS has a mission to report on all sides of the political spectrum so that readers can become better informed about political issues, the state of the nation and about those that serve in leadership roles from the local level, to the United States Congress to the highest office of the President.

Our staff

Gricelda Vacario
Cherese Jackson
Cathy Milne
Cathy Milne
DiMarkco Chandler
DiMarkco Chandler spent 10 years working on a BA, MA and PhD. He is a professor at the Liberty Voice Institute specializing in Journalism,
Jeanette Smith
Richard Baker
John Federico
Jomo Merritt
Dyanne Weiss