Autism Awareness Within the Family

Autism Awareness Within the Family



Five years ago, Nov 29, 2012, a unique individual joined my family’s life. As another sibling was born into my family we were so excited to welcome her with open arms. Watching the little one grow up was a great world of joy.

Then, as three years went by we noticed a slight difference in her character. As we noticed, she was not able to talk or communicate well with others. She also repeated the same routine throughout the day. The smallest things would keep her entertained at all times. As she was barely able to say just a few words, the family felt it was necessary to take further precautions for the matter. She then was tested on her character and communication skills and ended up on the Autism Spectrum.

As this news could seem disheartening to the child’s loving family knowing she would not be able to live a normal lifestyle. However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by difficulty in communication and forming relationships with others, which explained why she was distant at times.

Most people on the Autism spectrum are actually very smart individuals. Even though they have difficulties with communication they still have the ability to listen and interpret what they are taught and told to do at the time. They also know how to communicate with others when they are in need of something by either bringing the person to what they want or pointing to it and even actually trying to speak aloud for what they want.

This developmental disorder should be recognized more often. People can spot the disorder in kids who may act certain types of ways and be distant from others. Autism may and could be the answer to those behaviors. It is not a problem, it is a blessing to the families lucky enough to experience a different lifestyle with the person who has Autism.

Written by A. Jonathan Seabrook

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Jonathan Seabrook