Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Case Declared a Mistrial After Jury Deadlocks

Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Case Declared a Mistrial After Jury Deadlocks



Today, June 17, 2017, Bill Cosby’s trial was declared a mistrial by Judge Steven O’Neil, who stated a note from the jury said, “we the jury are deadlocked on all counts.” It has been over two years since Cosby, 79, was accused by Andrea Constand, 44, of sexual assault.

Constand was the manager of the woman’s basketball team at Temple University, where the comedian was a member of the board of trustees and a major booster. Constand was not alone in accusing the star of sexual assault, as many as 60 women have come forward since 2014.

Cosby was charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault against Constand, who is now living in Canada and is a massage therapist. The criminal complaint, filed in December of 2015, came just under the Pennsylvania’s 12-year statute of limitations. Cosby was facing up to 10 years for each of the counts against him.

The basketball manager stated that Cosby molested and drugged her in 2004, at the stars home in Elkins Park, Philadelphia to discuss her career plans. She said that the star brought her three blue pills, telling her they would help her relax and they were safe. Constand said she took them with trepidation because she trusted him as the mentor and friend he was. She said she began to feel woozy and her vision blurred.

She went on to say that Cosby led her to a couch where she was incapacitated as the star groped her breasts and began to sexually assault her. Constand in a statement to the jury made of seven men and five women said, “I was frozen. I wanted it to stop.”

Defense attorney, Angela Agrusa, portrayed Constand as a woman who changed her story to many times and should not be believed. Defense Attorney, Brian McMonagle also made a statement saying that Cosby became the focus of these accusations because he was an easy target for the woman who thought they could get money out of him.

According to Variety, Cosby looked subdued and somewhat dazed as the judge made the announcement after nearly a week of deliberations. The star said nothing as he remained seated in the courtroom chair. However, when he emerged from the courtroom he raised his arm in an almost victory stance.

Cosby is not out of the clear, yet. Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele stated that they will retry the case.

Written by Tracy Blake


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