Two Men Convicted in the Shooting of Basketball Coach

Two Men Convicted in the Shooting of Basketball Coach



On May 4, 2017, two men were convicted of shooting Shawn Harrington in Humboldt Park, Illinois.

The men opened fire on Harrington’s van at a red light as he was driving his 15-year-old daughter to school and was shot in the spine. Fortunately, as result of Harrison throwing his body over his daughter after he heard shot fired, she was left unharmed.

Although Harrington was unable to attend the hearing, prosecutors read letters from him, his mother, and his daughter to Judge Thomas Byrne prior to the sentencing of Cedryck Davis and Deandre Thompson.

Harrington was a former high school and college standout who aided Marshall, his alma mater to the 2008 state title. He was also featured in “Hoop Stars”, a documentary that debuted in 1994.

Harrington wrote that the paralysis has made it more difficult for him to mentor and coach young men, as well as take care of his daughters.

Assistant State’s Attorney Eugene Wood read from a letter that Harrison wrote that said: “My life has been turned upside down over a case of mistaken identity, over a corner that neither one of them owned.”

Thompson and Davis were sentenced to a maximum sentence of 100 years on the charge of aggravated battery.

Written by Trinity Oglesby
Edited by Cathy Milne


Chicago Sun-Times: Pair convicted in shooting of hoops coach get 59-year sentence

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