James Comey Is Axed America Wonders Why and What Is Next

James Comey Is Axed America Wonders Why and What Is Next



Speculation continues to mount during the aftermath of the questionable timing of the firing of FBI Director James Comey on May 9, 2017. This move by President Donald Trump fans the flames of fear and confusion in America. Republicans and Democrats responded by questioning the timing, as the investigation heats up about the Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

Firing the person who is in charge of running the Russian inquiry is yet another strategic move to redirect America’s attention. This is one more step by the president toward totalitarianism. Frankly, Comey is only the latest in the ever-growing club, complete with matching jackets.

Trump’s move is unconscionable. He, members of his campaign team, and the White House are under investigation by the FBI. It appears that the president simply wanted to move Comey out of the way.

In the letters released by the White House, the Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein wrote a lengthy missive citing Comey’s actions over the last year as cause for the FBI Director’s dismissal. It was a laundry list of several verbose reasons why Rosenstein felt it prudent to remove the man in charge of the Russian collusion investigation.

Sessions wrote far less but concurred with his deputy’s opinion. Ultimately, the brief notice of termination came from the president. It was interesting to note the date was the same from all three parties. However, the two letters between the AGs read as though they had been written earlier.

Trump is known for his lack of tact. He was elected for his brash uncouth mannerisms. Trumpetteers believed this very trait would help the president “drain the swamp,” as he promised.

There are those who called Comey’s dismissal, the result of Trump’s “seeking a firing and finding a solution.” Others refer to the event as a way to evade the inevitable subpoenas Comey would surely be calling for. One person suggested that America is seeing Russiagate evolve.

The president must have a great deal to hide from the American public. His unusual decision to fire Comey without reason and not giving him notice, the day after the beginning of a Senate hearing seeking to get to the bottom of the sordid Russian quandary is suspect. Certainly, his behavior points directly at his fear.

The abrupt change in now-ex FBI Director Comey’s job status has been compared to the Saturday Massacre during the Watergate upheaval. Historians are now comparing Trump’s action with Nixon’s firing of the man heading the investigation into Tricky-Dickie’s involvement in the illegal wiretapping of the D.C. Democratic Party headquarters. They have labeled Trump’s action as, “Nixonian.”

Axing Comey makes President Trump seem as those he has something to hide in his taxes, which he has refuses to make public. His lawyers released a statement on May 13, claiming his taxes do not show any financial dealings with Russia. However, they offer nothing to support this assertion.

To quote William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet:”

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Except, in this case, it would be Trump who is exerting a great amount of time and energy deflect America’s attention. Choosing to fire Comey, in such an unceremonious manner, is one more strategic move to distract people in hopes they will not see what is really happening.

Presidents Trump and Nixon exude the same drive to become the grand leader of the United States. When things appear to be going in the opposite direction, the response is to distract, bully, and behave like a gorilla beating his chest in an attempt to demonstrate dominance.

Comey is not the first person to be diminished at the hands of Trump, and he will not be the last. If the president gets away with the eliminating climate change from the vocabulary, cutting nutrition from America’s already hungry children, and giving the 1 percent a greater advantage than they already have, then he wins and the United States loses.

Opinion by Cathy Milne


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