Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hanks Announce Bid for 2020

Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hanks Announce Bid for 2020 [Video]



The “SNL” Host Monologue featuring Dwayne Johnson, Alec Baldwin, and Tom Hanks centered around two things on May 20, 2017. One was Johnson and Hanks announcing their bid as the 2020 presidential team. The second was, The Rock telling America that what is needed “more poise and less noise.”

Naturally, one might wonder if this might actually be a factual event. Of course, those who view “SNL” know that the program is comedic satire, but many believe that there is always have a grain of truth behind a joke. A potent way of saying this would be, humor is truth delivered with a smile!

What if it Were True?

When truth is mixed with humor, there is an instant when the person on the receiving end might take a moment and consider, “What if?”

JohnsonThe Johnson and Hanks political ticket is enticing to consider. Both men are charismatic, articulate, and quite handsome. It would be an interesting duo, The Rock, a Republican; and a self-described “Conservative Democrat,” Hanks.

Google does not list any legal issues for the hypothetical vice presidential candidate. By all appearances, Hanks appears to be a straight arrow kind of guy.

On the other hand, Johnson received some bad press in 2016. In July, the social media rumor mill ignited a viral storm, with a lie that had been floating on the web for, about, a year. The Tweet, cited by Snopes, was written by Keith Fuller Jr on July 4.

BREAKING NEWS! Dwayne Johnson, better known by his stage name THE ROCK Charged With Importing Human

The erroneous charge was about Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Snopes declares the reports were false. A photo was used as evidence — The Rock with his hands presumably cuffed and four officers. Which, as it turns out, was a photo from People Magazine and a promo for Johnson’s movie, “Central Intelligence.”

Would Dwayne Johnson Run for President?

The notion that he was considering a run for the presidency started a joke, according to The Washington Post. In a story that broke 10 days before the “SNL” sketch aired, in an interview with GQ magazine, Johnson was asked if he could see himself running for the highest office in America, he said:

I think it’s a real possibility.

In March 2016, Johnson answered the big question about whether or not he would consider running for a political office. His response was:

“My truthful answer is…I would consider it. I love my country and I’m extremely patriotic. And I also feel, um, now that leadership is extremely important. If I felt I could be an effective leader for us and surround myself with high-quality leaders, then sure I would.

America Certainly Needs Someone Other Than Donald Trump

Even with the fiasco of Donald Trump bringing his reality-show persona to the presidency, it is important to note that other celebrity-type politicians have taken various offices.

Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger each served multiple terms as California’s governor; 1971-75 and 2003-10, respectively. Reagan went on to become president in 1981, and he held office for two terms. Jesse Ventura was elected to office as the governor of Minnesota in 1999, serving four years.

Johnson has a large base of fans who would support his bid for any political office, including the presidency. He is a registered Republican and he spoke at the 2016 Republican National Convention. But he was invited to be a speaker at the 2000 Democratic National Convention. This might make him more likely to be a candidate voters on either side of the aisle would find appealing.

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