Donald Trump Favors Fashion Not Made in America

Donald Trump Favors Fashion Not Made in America



Donald Trump continues suiting up in expensive overseas brands as he passes his 100-day mark in office, Saturday, April 29, 2017, without making good on his promise to bring jobs back to America. The president reportedly still favors his foreign made fashion choices, even as he shouts to all to buy American.

Trump’s assurance to bring jobs back to America was included in what he referred to as his 100-day action plan to Make America Great Again. The president announced his intent on Oct. 22, 2016, during a campaign rally in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He called it his contract with the American voter.

Then he stated that he was going to make sure to “identify all foreign trading abuses that unfairly impact American workers.” His bullet point labeling China as a manipulator of currency is particularly interesting. Much of his own merchandise and Ivanka Trump’s was, and still is, being manufactured in China, and other foreign countries.

He continued the promise during his inauguration statement making a huge proclamation:

We will follow two simple rules; buy American and hire American.

Most of Trump Merchandise Not Made in America

The Washington Post did an in-depth fact check in August 2016, to review how much of Trump’s items, from apparel to home, and beverages were being outsourced overseas. It ends up just about all they researched were being shipped to the U.S. from other countries, including those that were said to be made in America.

The report concluded that Trump products were being made in a minimum of 12 countries: China, the Netherlands, Mexico, India, Turkey, Slovenia, Honduras, Germany, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, and South Korea. Workers in additional countries are involved with processing the goods as the products pass through on route to the United States.

The media giant sifted through records and sources from 2007 through August 2016. Researching the Donald J. Trump Collection, the Washington Post noted that there were some suits sold on Amazon that were ambiguous in their labeling. The suits were stated to be either imported or made in America, or a mix of both.

Trump Fashion and Home Goods Outsourced

BuzzFeed placed an order for a suit to view an actual label that showed the suit to be made in Indonesia. Comments on the Amazon website noted labels on the same suit showing to be made in China and made in Mexico.

Additional Donald J. Trump Collection pieces, such as shirts and ties, were all found to be made in China, Bangladesh, Honduras, and Vietnam. The Clinton campaign discovered data from 2007 showing a shipment of shirts from South Korea. Information as to the origins of accessories could not be found, but the eyeglasses branded by Trump were shown to be crafted in China.

The Trump Home brand showed to import most of its home case goods and accessory items from Turkey. A partnering venture had been made with Dorya International, a luxury furnishings brand with a factory in that country. Several components for furniture pieces were discovered to come from Germany.

A Slovenia-based company was found to make the crystal and china for the Trump Home By Rogaska tabletop collection. The bathroom amenities in Trump’s hotels, such as shampoo, body wash, and towels all from China. Even Trump Hotel pens were found to be made in China and Taiwan.

A couple of U.S.-made Trump goods give a glitter of hope. The comforters from the home brand are stated to be made in the U.S.A., along with the signature red campaign hats. PolitiFact Virginia discovered that one of the president’s colognes, “Success by Trump,” was made in the U.S.

Ivanka Trump Still Outsourcing Her Fashion Line to Overseas

The first daughter is following in her father’s footsteps as far as ignoring the needs to bring jobs home. As she sports high fashion couture, while working for her father, in the White House, Ivanka Trump persists in manufacturing her own line overseas.

Ivanka Trump was waiting for her shipments to arrive as she sat in at the February business council meeting that her father addressed. At the meeting he spoke about the need to bring jobs back:

Bringing manufacturing and creating high-wage jobs was one of our campaign themes. Everything is going to be based on bringing our jobs back.

Many shipments of the oldest daughter’s fashion line continue to arrive from China, as of February 2017. Records indicate that U.S. Customs passed through 82 shipments of Ivanka Trump’s merchandise between the day of the election, in November, and Feb. 26. Twenty-three tons of footwear came in with two tons of polyester blouses and 1,600 leather wallets, all marked that they were made in China.

Trump and Family Never Seen Wearing Their Own Brand of Clothing

Just as her father favors expensive suits, Ivanka Trump prefers the high-end designs from Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, and Altuzarra. She sported the fabulous designs from the fashion icons during President Trump’s inauguration. Like her father, the first daughter is more concerned about the brand name and look than wearing items made in America.

The senior Trump has long been a proud fan of the high-end Italian Brioni label, now owned since 2011 by Kering, a French company. It was not certain that he had continued to wear the Brioni suits during campaigning until confirmed by a campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks. She also stated that the president has said that he has checked out the suits of Barack Obama’s favorite tailor in Brooklyn, New York, Martin Greenfield Clothiers.

Trump wrote in his book, “Trump: Think Like a Billionaire,” that his relationship with Brioni dates back to the company dressing him in 2004 when he starred on “The Apprentice.” Interesting is his remark:

I wear Brioni suits, which I buy off the rack. Some people think it’s best to have custom-tailored clothing. I don’t recommend it unless you have an oddly shaped body, and unless you have a great deal of time.

Those who know Brioni understand that the company does not normally cater to those looking for the normal off the rack. The high-end clothier is recognized for its beautiful fabrics and custom tailored to fit suits, jackets, and pants.

As with Brioni, Martin Greenfield Clothiers also takes pride in fitting the gentleman expertly, as recognized in Obama’s perfectly fitted suits. The Greenfield website even states, “We handcraft the finest made-to-order as well as made-to-measure suits.”

Whatever fashion Trump favors, whether made in America or not, it is time for him to get some well-tailored suits that speak presidentially. Greenfield would be the perfect fit for him as a company making a product in the U.S.A., as well as a business who specializes in custom fitting the man. Not only will Trump have a suit tailored perfectly, but also a tie with an appropriate knot and hanging at just the right length.

Opinion News by Carol Ruth Weber
Edited by Cathy Milne


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