Shooting at UK Parliament Follows Hit and Run on Westminster Bridge

Shooting at UK Parliament Follows Hit and Run on Westminster Bridge [Update]



Shots were fired at a suspect outside the Houses of Parliament. Now known, is that an officer was stabbed and shot his assailant. Those inside Westminster Palace reported the shooting and recalled hearing at least three gunshots.

Eyewitnesses report seeing an attacker, with a knife, within the grounds of the palace of Westminster. Observers claim at least two people are being treated by medical personnel.

Nearby, a car plowed into a crowd of people leaving a dozen injured on Westminster Bridge, according to Yahoo! News. Early reports indicated the driver was the assailant who stabbed the officer.

The police officer was seen wounded but moving, after falling to the ground clutching his arm. At least one man was seen running toward the exit of New Palace Yard, underneath Big Ben.

Police were shouting at him when shots were heard. It is unclear, at this stage, whether one or more people were involved in the stabbing turned shooting.

While visiting school children are comforted by security forces, the shooting investigation continues. The building is now on lockdown, according to parliamentary officials.

Security sources described the suspected assailant as a middle-aged Asian man. He is understood to have left the car before attacking a police officer with a seven or eight-inch knife.

Original reports indicated a shooting was taking place. However, it is evident now, that the assailant used only a knife and police responded with gunfire.

Update: Four people were killed in the attack, including the stabbed police officer, his assailant, and a woman who either jumped or fell into the Thames River.

Twenty more people were reported injured including school children visiting from France.

Written by Kristen Gray
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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