New England Patriots Dynamic Dynasty

New England Patriots Dynamic Dynasty

New England Patriots

New England Patriots

Fans and spectators alike seem to have no doubt when it comes to keeping a dynasty the New England Patriots are right up there at the top. The Patriots are among what can be called the Bill Belichick/Tom Brady age of dynamism. With both stars at the wheel, in four years the New England Patriots earned three National Football League championship games. These competitions are also known as the great Super Bowls; 2001, 2003 and 2004.

The Making of the New England Patriots Dynasty

However, with Super Bowl LI just around the corner, the Belichick/Brady/ duo are not taking any prisoners. The Super Bowl is the highest level of professional American football in the world. However, this not the New England Patriots first rodeo. They have been to eight in all.

Rome was not built in a day; neither was the New England Patriots dynasty. Yet, its starter, Belichick, began the reign in 1986. This self-motivated coach assumed the coaching spot after a bit of debate. In 1996, Belichick was the Patriots secondary coach under Bill Parcells. Later, Parcells left to coach the Jets and Belichick followed. Once the 1999 football season came to an end, Parcells quit. Belichick then grabbed the head coach position for the New York Jets.

Yet, the next day Belichick quit during a question and answer session. After discussing their disagreements and producing a handful draft pick trades, the New York Jets released Belichick. The New England Patriots picked him up and he became their head coach.

The New England Patriots Genius

For years, spectators have dubbed Belichick as the genius behind the New England Patriots success, and of course, Brady as his secret weapon. However, in the ante Brady era, Belichick was still a prodigy.

Both Belichick and Chuck Noll, the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers are tied for the greatest Super Bowl titles with four. Belichick’s 25 postseason victories are an NFL sensation. Going 4-2, this reputed genius has taken the New England Patriots to seven Super Bowls.

Of course, many fans argue that there would be no Patriot dynasty without quarterback Tom Brady. In the 2000 draft, he was a 6th-round choice. Brady began his profession with the New England Patriots as a fourth-string quarterback. At the end of the season, he moved to number two on the depth chart. This placed him right behind Drew Bledsoe, who was a starter.

During the second game of the 2001 season, Bledsoe was hit badly. His injury caused internal bleeding. For the rest of the season, Brady played as the starter and had an 11-3 record. From that day on, he became the quarterback. In two of his three Super Bowl wins, Brady was named the prestigious Most Valuable Player (MVP).

No Guts No Glory!

In 2007, Brady led the New England Patriots to a reigning regular football season. They became the first team to pull this off. The event was done with only a 16-game schedule. The New England Patriots pressed on to triumph in their first two playoff competitions. Before they knew it, an 18-0 record was reached.

This was an achievement that no other football team in NFL history experienced. In the Super Bowl, they went head to head with the New York Giants. However, they suffered their first loss, ending their flawless season.

Road to the Super Bowl LI

So, what tricks does the Belichick have going into the 2017 Super Bowl? Who knows? His amazing staff will certainly discover techniques to restrict the manufacture of a rival’s greatest threat.

The Atlanta Falcons have many of those, such as Julio Jones. Nevertheless, it is no surprise that Jones will be the target defensively, and outside linebacker Victor Beasley Jr. will get the most notice when New England has the ball.

Win or lose, the New England Patriots will go down in history as one of the most powerful football dynasties ever. Spectators believe Brady and Belichick have created one of the most successful quarterback-coach chemistry in NFL history. As a duo, they are forceful, with 148 regular seasons, 18 postseason competitions, and five Super Bowls together.

By Jomo Merritt
Edited by Cathy Milne


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Image by SAB0TEUR Courtesy of Wikimedia – Creative Commons License