Megyn Kelly Bids Farewell to Fox and Says Hello to NBC

Megyn Kelly Bids Farewell to Fox and Says Hello to NBC



On Jan. 3, 2017, after over a decade with FOX News Channel (FNC), Megyn Kelly says goodbye to move on to greener pastures with it’s rival NBC. Her show “The Kelly Files” was her main role at FNC, however, she will take on several responsibilities for the competing network.

Kelly’s current contract is set to expire, and negotiations for a new contract started in Oct 2016. A month later she decided to take an offer she could not refuse. Kelly will host her own news show on Sunday evenings, anchor a daytime talk show for one hour, which will air Monday-Friday. Additionally, she will be involved with breaking news for political and special events for NBC. According to Andrew Lack, chairman of NBC News Digital Group, she is an extraordinary anchor and journalist. He also said how lucky the network is to have her on board with her enormous poise and skill level.

Her nightly show at FNC will not be easy to fill even with their other talented journalist. “The Kelly Files,” was included in a successful future outlook for the media giant and will definitely take a hit when she breaks away to move on to NBC.

Kelly posted on Facebook that her time with FNC has incredibly enriched her and the experiences have taken her to a place she never imagined. In a few days, she will finish filming her final show with the network.

Kelly started her career with the network in 2004 as a correspondent for Washington-based events. It was not long before she co-anchored a morning show and after only six years of first joining the FNC, she received her own two-hour show. She often had covered subjects that were an echo of the worldview of the network. For instance, her obsession with the New Black Panther Party, or when she became under attack in 2013 for her declaration that Santa Claus and Jesus are white.

In the last couple of years, Kelly has taken a more partisan attitude, and joined Chris Wallace in moderating debates and heading coverage on election nights. Two years ago “The New York Times,” did a cover story on her for her propensity to break away from the traditional style of Fox News and more aggressively challenge opponents on both sides of the fence. Perhaps, she is now moving on to bigger and better things with NBC.

During her coverage of the 2016 election, Donald Trump became enraged with her and fought with her and the network. The feud with Trump boosted her ratings. At the Republican debate in Aug. 2015, she fueled the President-elect’s fire by asking about his sexist and ill-natured remarks. The very next day Trump lashed out at Kelly by suggesting that she was bleeding from somewhere, which everyone believed him blaming her menstrual cycle for the attacks on his behavior. Her critiques of Trump made Kelly stand out on the network, distinctly different from the coverage by Bill O’Rielly and Sean Hannity. O’Reilly was more understanding in his coverage of the President-elect, while Hannity is a huge supporter of Trump.

The month before the Republican debate she told authorities that Fox CEO Roger Ailes had sexually harassed her. Her accusations led Ailes retiring in disgrace.

In the statement released by Murdoch, he wished Kelly well and thanked her for the 12 years of dedicated service she put into the network and wished her well. His wishes for her were also for a successful career.

Kelly will join the NBC team bidding farewell to the network where she launched her career. However, she has acknowledged that the FNC network gave her such a wonderful opportunity. The attacks from Trump helped peak the interest of rival networks, hence, increasing her profile, which may have caused NBC to find her as a desireable assest.

By Katherine Miller
Edited by Cathy Milne


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