Trump Is Against Illegal Immigrants

Trump Is Against Illegal Immigrants



One of many problems Donald Trump wants to fix is the immigration system in the United States. He feels strongly about illegal immigrants taking jobs away from citizens. During an interview with CNN, in July 2015, Trump stated: “I want to move them out, and we’re going to move them back in and let them be legal, but they have to be in here legally.”

Trump released an immigration plan which mentioned many different solutions to prevent people from coming into the United States illegally, in August. For example, he wants to build a wall to try to prevent people from illegally crossing into the country from Mexico and bring the problem to an end.

In August 2016, Trump stated that the deportation force is to be determined, according to Jane C. Timm. As it stands now, the law reads that United States citizens can provide funds for immediate family members. These include parents of a citizen 21 years or older, spouses, children adopted before turning 16, and unmarried children under age 21. Trump’s vision is to enforce the immigration policies and bring back the Constitutional rule of law upon which America’s prosperity and security depend.

One of the key immigration issues Trump wishes to fix is that the current policies cost taxpayers $300 billion per year. Nonetheless, he wants to make more expensive changes, such as hiring people to locate illegal immigrants and make the deportation process faster. Trump wishes to move criminal aliens out on his first day in office. He claims that he is going to go through all the immigration records to find those who have committed crimes, such as drug dealers and gang members. This could possibly be 2 to 3 million people deported or incarcerated.

During a 60 Minutes interview, Trump explained the reason for his opposition was twofold. The first is they take jobs from Americans. His second complaint is citizens are paying taxes for ineffective immigration policies, according to Fast Company writer Mark Sullivan.

Trump’s overall vision is to make America great again. He created a 10-point plan he believes will end this problem. His third point is zero tolerance for criminal immigrants/aliens. The wording for this is; according to federal data, there are at least 2 million illegal immigrants now in the country. His plan is to start moving them out on the first day he is in office His plan is to create joint operations with state, local, and federal law enforcement to bring his idea to fruition.

Trump mentioned on his campaign website that he does not believe all illegal aliens are bad people. “While there are many illegal immigrants in our country who are good people, this doesn’t change the fact that most illegal immigrants are lower-skilled workers with less education who compete directly against vulnerable American workers, and that these illegal workers draw much more out from the system than they will ever pay in.”

The president-elect is against illegal immigrants because they do endanger the United States. Moreover, the laws that were made to prevent this from happening are not being used effectively. Trump’s vision is to make America great again and he does not feel that can occur when there are illegal aliens breaking the laws without repercussions. His plan to resolve this problem, and he had detailed how he is going to make it work. Trump’s primary focus it to enforce immigration laws immediately.

By Marrissa K.
Edited by Cathy Milne and Jeanette Smith


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