Donald Trump the Lying King

Donald Trump the Lying King [Video]



Donald Trump is so entertaining he could be a shock-jock on the radio. The king of lies has ingratiated himself with millions of Americans who have completely been bamboozled by the reality star turned politician.

It is amusing to watch Trump spew his controversies. During the primary debates, Daily Wire published a list of his fabrications. On April 11, 2016, “Lyin’ Donald: 101 Of Trump’s Greatest Lies.” He accuses all of his opponents of being pathological fibbers. As Mike Groll wrote: “But there’s only one truly massive liar in this race: Donald Trump.”

Every time he opens his mouth the Republican presidential nominee provides ammunition for the media he claims to despise.

Donald Trump Cries: Crooked Media

Trump believes he is so powerful that he threatens to sue anyone who has wronged him in some way only he can see. It does not matter if he has a leg to stand on or not. His most recent legal attack is against The New York Times. This newspaper did nothing more than write an article that embarrassed the narcissistic lying king.

The threat was made verbally and then there was a letter from Trump’s lawyer, Marc E. Kasowitz. In the letter, the attorney demanded a retraction of the article which named Trump as a molester. Two women came forward and spoke with the newspaper’s reporter. Kasowitz claimed the report was “libel per se,” not only did he call for a retraction from the website immediately, but insisted on an apology.

David McCraw, counsel for The New York Times responded with a letter of his own. He pointed out that one must suffer damage to their reputation in order for a valid libel case. He said that since Trump had publicly bragged of his lecherous nature when it comes to groping women that there was no reputation to be hurt. He reminded Kasowitz, that Trump boasted about barging in on teenaged girls backstage a beauty pageant, and his response to someone calling his daughter sexy was inappropriate.

Moreover, no matter how hard Trump tries to lay blame on Hillary Clinton, all of the women who have come forward have been vetted and their story was found to be true. He shouts that Clinton and her campaign have planted these stories at the last minute of the election period.

Conspiracy theories are the lying king’s modus operandi. He comes by this naturally, when a narcissist thinks they have been slighted, the response is that everyone or everything is conspiring against them.

Donald Trump Is Predicting a Rigged Outcome

For months Trump has carefully built the conspiracy that the election is rigged. This is a typical Republican belief but the presidential nominee has worked his fans to a frenzy due to this lie.

He continued this fabrication during the debate on Oct. 19. When the moderator queried Trump about capitulating when he loses and being a gracious person. He refused to say he would, basically, it was a wait and see situation.

The Republican presidential nominee’s fans were interviewed by Allana Harkin and Amy Hoggart for “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.” In the video below, the people they spoke with indicated that the election was “definitely rigged.” That is unless Trump wins – but then it would not be rigged. Such a dilemma; if Clinton wins it is fixed, whereas if he wins then not.

Cultish Fanaticism

In fact, the Republican presidential candidate is so good at lying that he has convinced seemingly rational people to hang on his every word. For example these posts from Facebook:

Trump is our only and last hope, don’t you dare give up on our country!!! – J. L.

I’m voting for him, I just think there should be better representatives for our country than a criminal who calls people deplorables and lies and cheats and gets a get out of jail free card against a man who cuts everybody down. – A.S.

I urge all Trump supporters or anyone that is leaning Trump or undecided, to boycott the media. Call them out, email them, write letters to them to call out their bias against Trump, and that they need to be professional and report, not give [an] opinion, the news. Where’s their coverage on the new Wikileaks? Don’t allow the media to decide this election! – R.S.

With all of the frenzy surrounding the presidential nominee, it is frightening to see and hear all of his brainwashed fans. All of the king’s lies appears to have paid off since his loyal followers refuse to see past Trump’s words.

Opinion by Cathy Milne


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