Presidential Trump Emerges in Detroit Promising America First

Presidential Trump Emerges in Detroit Promising America First



August 8, 2016, Donald Trump addressed the Detroit Economic Club at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan. He began his speech stating, “We now begin a great national conversation.” The Republican Nominee spoke specifically, and confidently about the economy and his plans to put America first.

Detroit has suffered greatly economically. Half of Detroit residents are unemployed, and the city is “one of the most dangerous when it comes to violent crime,” said Trump. He went on to say that “Detroit is the living breathing example of my opponents failed economic agenda.” The statement drew massive applause from the crowd.

Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton is the candidate of the past while he is the candidate of the future. “Every Hillary Clinton idea punishes you for working and doing business in the United States,” said Trump.

Trump is proposing across the board tax breaks, especially for small businesses, and promises to repeal special interest loopholes that benefit Wall Street and are unfair to American workers.

The nominee wants to simplify the tax code, which is too cumbersome and burdening and says he will focus on jobs, growth, and opportunity. His statements like, “We will make America grow again” and that “The Obama, Clinton agenda of tax, spend, and regulate, created a silent nation of jobless Americans,” were well received.

The speech included statistics including home ownership at the lowest rate in 51 years, 12 million people have been added to the food stamp program, and 7 million now live in poverty. Also, he stated we have the lowest labor force participation rate in four decades, and American households now earn $4,000 less than they did 16 years ago.

Trump believes all trade policies should be geared to keeping wealth and jobs inside the United States. His plan allows that no American business should pay more than 15 percent in taxes. He promises to bring back trillions of dollars parked in offshore accounts to which he will apply a 10 percent tax and use the revenue for needed American infrastructure.

Trump pledges to undo all illegal executive orders, placing a moratorium on regulations, and adding the ability to deduct the cost of child care, repealing the death tax, supporting school choice, rebuilding the military and providing the needed resources for law enforcement to restore law and order.

Trump says he has laid out a 7-point trade policy and believes America must renegotiate the North American Trade Agreement (NFTA) in the interest of American workers. He also spoke about his opposition to Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and vowed to pull out of the disastrous deal. Trump says he supports trade, and that isolation is not an option, but wants fair deals for our country that create more jobs and higher wages for Americans.

Trump says the “Motor City will come roaring back.” He visions that “American cars will travel the roads, American planes will connect our cities, and American ships will patrol the seas. Also, “American Steele will send new skyscrapers soaring all over our country.”

By Laurel Fee


Live speech in Detroit, Michigan

Image Courtesy Gage Skidmore’s  Flicker Page – Creative Commons License