PlayStreets Chicago Provides Safe Environment for Youth

PlayStreets Chicago Provides Safe Environment for Youth

Playstreets Chicago

PlayStreets Chicago

PlayStreets Chicago provided fun, games, and activities for the youth in the South Chicago community on July 28, 2015, at East 88th Street & S Burley Avenue.

PlayStreets Chicago is supported by the Chicago Department of Public Health and the City of Chicago along with other community organizations. They create playgrounds to facilitate block parties focused on keeping youth active and safe by closing off neighborhood streets to design a space for youth to jump rope, ride their bikes, draw with chalk, or jump around in bounce houses. The Playgrounds are supervised and free to the community.

Uniformed police, sheriffs, and detectives are there to protect the children and their families during the event. Commander Noel Sanchez, of the South Chicago District, said: “There are some bad elements around the neighborhood and different factions of gangs that try to intimidate good people. Having events like PlayStreets Chicago is good for the kids to come out, play, and enjoy their neighborhood, it’s a good thing.”

PlaySteets Chicago promotes positivity and a fun atmosphere for youth. The second base operator for the Safe Passage program at Moore High School spoke highly about the event. She said, “The PlayStreets Chicago event should be happening everywhere, kids should be able to come out and play, feel safe and have fun.”

PlayStreets Chicago has provided thousands of youth with a safe option to play, exercise, and interact with each other in a carefree environment.

Written by Jarvis Phillips

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Image РBy Gricelda Vicario, used with permission.