Law Enforcement Death Rates

Law Enforcement Death Rates

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

As of July 17, 2016, 31 police officers have been shot to death in the United States. This caused the benchmark to go up 72 percent since 2015, according to data the kept on officers killed on the job.

Since the shooting in Baton Rouge, where three officers were killed and three more wounded, 31 police officers were shot dead, increasing law enforcement deaths tremendously. The number of law enforcement deaths has varied over the last decade.

Since 2014, the death rate has been on a steady decline. However, it is now a rapidly escalating trend in recent deaths. Since January 2016, out of 62 police fatalities, 18 of them were gun-related deaths, through the middle of July.

41 of 123 law enforcement officers were killed from being shot in 2015. Other tragedies, such as crashes, drownings, and fire-related deaths has minimized the number of law enforcement members. Gun violence was not the number one cause of these deaths.

However, it has taken the lead in the deaths of law enforcement, in 2016. So far, 24 lives have been taken due to guns, and only eight lives were taken due to the other categories listed above.

Written by Davida Thompson
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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Image Courtesy of Inventorchris’ Flickr Page’ Creative Common License