I Am My Brother’s Keeper

I Am My Brother’s Keeper



Oct 23, 2015, was one of the hardest days of my life. On this day my brother, an African-American male, was shot and killed in the 8700 block of South Wabash Avenue. Multiple bullets struck him. Two of them hit him in the back of his head. Family and friends believe Malek Taylor was shot as a result of mistaken identity.

I had just come from seeing him on 87th and State Street, where he had given me some money. Before I drove away, he said to me, “I will be home later on.” I said, “Okay.”

Two hours after I arrived home from seeing Malek, I received a call from his best friend from elementary school. Everyone in my family knows that whenever this friend calls it should be considered an emergency. We were told that my brother had been shot five times. He honestly did not want to give us any more details over the phone. He needed us to rush immediately to his location.

As we drove to Christ Trauma Center, we also received a phone call from my stepfather, who was working security at the time, confirming that my brother had been shot twice in the head. Our family was distraught. Everyone was at a loss for words. I felt as if it were not real. I had yet to shed a tear.

We arrived at the hospital where Malek lay on his deathbed. As I went in to see the harm that they had done to him, it all became real. He had bandages all over his head and was bleeding severely. I could not stand to see him in that condition. I stormed out knowing that I would never see my brother alive again.

Who would I look up to now? He was my oldest brother. Fortunately, my family members were there to comfort me as we went through those tough times. Malek was on life support for about two days before he was pronounced dead. Now it was time for funeral arrangements, and it was not yet feeling real at all. My brother did not have a burial because he had always said if he was to pass away he wanted to be cremated. His remains are in the house.

One thing the media did was portray my brother as a gang member. Malek had a very good heart. However, he had done some bad things in life. He had been locked up for a year and a half for something he did not do. He later beat his case and was released the same night. Malek was killed about four months later.

We had not seen him in so long and for someone to take him away from our family was not right. It has been nine months since my brother has been gone, and our family is still grieving. The police have stopped investigating completely. Malek Nakee Taylor was born January 18, 1994, and died in October 2015.

Opinion by Albert Mccaster
Image Courtesy of Albert Mccaster – Used With Permission