Gary Webb Suicide or Homicide

Gary Webb Suicide or Homicide



“San Jose Mercury News” reporter Gary Webb was pronounced dead on December 10, 2004, with multiple gunshot wounds to his head. Officials say his death was ruled a suicide.

Most people say that Webb had killed himself, but some beg to differ. Yes, police have evidence that concludes his death was from self-inflicted gunshots, but what if they had dug deeper, were the circumstances really clear? Officials claim that there was a suicide note at the scene of his death, but no one has seen it or knows for sure what was written.

People find it peculiar that a person could shoot himself in the head twice. The question we continue to hear…Is that even humanly possible?

According to Michelle Acker from Writing-World, after one shot, if a suicide victim isn’t dead, they would likely be unconscious or physically unable to fire a second time. Multiple shots typically indicate a homicide and possibly suggest that Webb’s death may have been a murder.

Webb reportedly was receiving death threats from CIA agents regarding his wife and children and once feeling threatened fled the office where government officials requested to meet with him.

According to the movie, “Kill The Messenger,” based on Webb’s life, he was also being spied upon by several unknown government officials. These officials showed up at his house to search his things without permission. In the movie, when Webb asked “What are you doing?” they replied, “This is a crime scene,” as they continued looking through his personal items. When Webb asked “Who are you people?” they failed to respond which appears strange to people who seen the movie or read the report.

The coroner’s report of Webb’s death remains anomalous. According to Paul Watson, from Newsline, who stated in an update: “First it was multiple gunshot wounds, then it was just one, and now it’s multiple again.” That seems quite strange for a professional who has been examining bodies for a long time.

Robert Lyons, the coroner that examined Webb’s body, said: “It’s unusual in a suicide case to have two shots, but it has been done in the past, and it is in fact, a distinct possibility.” First, the coroner was sure Webb’s death was not murder, and then he changed his mind to homicide claiming he had more time to investigate. Ultimately, he ruled that the death resulted from self-inflicted gunshots.

Charlene Fassa, the author of, “Webb ‘Suicide’ Looking More Like Murder,” commented on Lyons’ actions and decisions: “If Gary Webb committed suicide with two shots to the head via a .38 caliber pistol, then I’ve got a nice condo to sell you in Fallujah!” She seems pretty sure something fishy is going on here.

By Devin Jackson
Edited by Cathy Milne


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Image Courtesy of Neil Berrett’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License