Melania Trump the Shocking Lie About Her Life

Melania Trump the Shocking Lie About Her Life



Melania Trump “became and remained” a college dropout and never earned a degree at a University in Slovenia, according to a variety of sources. However, Trump claimed she did graduate with a degree in design and architecture. Julia Loffe, a writer for “GQ” wrote in April, that during Trump’s freshman year in college, she chose to pursue a modeling career in Milan instead.

On July 19, 2016, it was discovered that Trump lied about receiving a degree. The media dove deeper into her personal history because her speech at the Republican National Convention was plagiarized from Michelle Obama.

According to Snopes, soon after the fallacy was released to the public, Trump’s personal website, which included her biography, was removed from the internet. Currently, the link will send the user to her husband’s campaign website. Her professional website was originally created in 2012.

Trump claimed the website was removed, not because her biography was false, but because it no longer reflected Trump’s personal and professional goals.

Written by Jeanette Smith
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