Connie Foust Makes No Apologies for Wanting a Better Educational System in...

Connie Foust Makes No Apologies for Wanting a Better Educational System in Nevada


FoustConnie Foust is running for Nevada Assembly District 19. She is concerned that the state’s educational system is broken and maintains that the current practice of pouring money into schools is not working. Nonetheless, says the candidate, that has been the continued response to the broken system, and it is time for a change.

Foust believes in focusing only on those students who want an education. Students who are not interested in getting an education should not be the focus of the school. Teachers need to be freed to teach – not cater to students who are not paying attention in class or who are disruptive. It is the job of the school administrators to discipline unruly students; not the teachers’.

Foust believes that education reform needs to begin with ending Common Core in Nevada. She wants to relieve students and teachers from the burdens and requirements of the Common Core curriculum, under which teachers spend too much time testing students under the Common Core system of education and data mining (collection).

Data is mined on children from third grade through high school. Foust is currently circulating a petition to make this act unconstitutional in Nevada through The Student Privacy Information Act. Once enough signatures have been gathered on the petition, it can be brought to a vote. Once passed, it would make data mining unconstitutional. Even more importantly to Foust, the truth about Common Core and data mining would be openly revealed to the general public. One major thing about data mining that Foust wants everyone to know is that everything a student does on their school-issued computer is kept. Her concern is that some things students say when just being kids will impact their civil rights later in life.

A new program called Empowerment School Reform is due for trial in Nevada. A large part of this specific educational reform consists of all teachers and students in Nevada learning to speak Spanish. Foust asserts that non-English speaking students need to be assimilated – not accommodated. The candidate for Assembly District 19 believes the problem with the broken educational system will not be solved by pouring more money into the schools, but by having a curriculum that efficiently teaches children what they need to learn both to graduate and to become effective members of society.

Foust makes no apologies for wanting a better educational system for the state of Nevada. She has had experience as a substitute teacher and took great pride in teaching, saying her students left the classroom knowing more than they did when they came to the class, which fulfilled her purpose for being there.

The candidate also believes that schools need to be held accountable for the money spent in their districts, and, as such, should be audited by an outside party. For example, an audit of Clark County School District would examine how the funds are dispersed, thereby, a determination would be made if there is any redundancy, etc. exists. Then policy changes and redirection could be made.

Foust once managed a $14 million budget for the sheriff’s department and was proud to have money left over for emergency purposes. Her experience has given her the knowledge needed to find a better way to spend money for education – a way that will bring about effective change. Foust believes that as a concerned citizen, voter, grandmother and candidate to be a member of the Nevada Legislature as the representative in Assembly District 19, she will make a difference.

Foust wants to be the voice of the voters in District 19. Her goals are to be proactive; knowing what the people want before she votes in the Assembly. Her goal is to set up an email program that will allow her to hear from the voters on the topics that concern them regarding their communities. She believes this is the not only the most effective way to govern, but also what the voters need.

By Jeanette Smith


Interview with Connie Foust
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