Isaac Herzog Under Investigation by Israel’s National Fraud Squad

Isaac Herzog Under Investigation by Israel’s National Fraud Squad



Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog has been under investigation by Israel’s National Fraud Squad, and now, police asked the attorney general to grant them permission to investigate the leaders political activities. Israel’s Channel 2 reported the request on April 11, 2016. Herzog allegedly benefited from political funding and hired a group to discredit his opponent.

Israeli Police asked Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit’s permission to investigate any criminal activities committed by Herzog. The politician has been subject to investigations by other agencies. These inquiries focused on the Israel’s Labor Party primary in 2013.

Police claimed the politician broke acted unlawfully in how he funded his campaign and what he used those funds for. The investigation hinges upon the politician using funds donated by friends and businessmen to create a team dedicated to collecting dirt and discrediting his opponent.

Herzog ended up losing the primary bid to Shelly Yacimovich. His alleged criminal activity did not work in the 2013 party election.

Forward reported numerous meetings between Herzog and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The newspaper stated, over the last several months, the two politicians discussed how the Zionist Union would become a part of a larger coalition.

The Israeli police await a reply from the attorney general’s office before they begin an investigation of Herzog. Officials will be looking into how the politician used his campaign finances to discredit the reputation of a fellow party member. He did lose that election, however, his tactics have been called into question.

By Harrison Baker
Cathy Milne


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Image Courtesy of The Jewish Agency for Israel’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License.