Hillary Clinton Takes a Detour to Fundraise With George Clooney

Hillary Clinton Takes a Detour to Fundraise With George Clooney


ClintonApril 16, 2016, Hillary Clinton to take a detour to California, do some fundraising with actor, George Clooney. Calif. has the highest possible number of Democratic delegates of any state. Both Clinton and Sanders are courting this state. 

The only place Clinton would take a couple of days away from the N.Y. primary, is that is the ever important state of Calif. The prosperity of the donors and courting 73 delegates was an opportunity she just could not pass up. Clooney, was in attendance at the rally supporting Clinton, who raised an abundance of money, and also held a rally in Los Angeles. It was one of Clinton’s stops on her little detour to rally and fundraise in Calif.

Friday evening, in San Francisco, the seats at the Clinton’s and Clooney’s table were worth more than $350,000 per couple. Clooney co-sponsored a fundraiser with Shervin Pishevar, for Clinton in San Francisco, and the most expensive seat not at the same table, was priced at $100,000 a couple. The amount of money raised was well into the double digit millions. These fundraisers highlight the enormous monetary value of this state on Democratic candidates, which the money will come in handy in order to make a solid showing within the state. Originally, Clinton was advised to avoid a long-drawn-out battle in California, and to go into the June primary strong.

Sunday morning, on Meet the Press, the activist and actor was interviewed, and when he asked what he thought of Sanders comments of the fundraiser, “it’s a criticism of a corrupt finance system, where big money interests, and it’s not Clooney, it’s the people who are coming to the event, have undue influence over the political process.”

The activist replied; “Yes I think it’s an obscene amount of money, when the Sanders campaign talks about it they are absolutely right. It’s ridiculous that we should have this kind of money in Politics, I agree completely.”

The money donated was for the Clinton Victory Fund. Clooney explained the money donated to that fund is divided among the Democratic National Committee, numerous Democratic state parties, as well as Clinton’s primary campaign, and possible her general fund. A few supporters of Sanders protested outside about the excessive amounts of money being raised, and the actor agreed that they had a right to protest, saying “it’s an obscene amount of money.”

According to NBC, it is all too clear that Bernie Sanders is not lying down in defeat, but rather fighting for the nomination to the end. When Clinton’s motorcade came back through the streets of New York city, some of Sanders supporters through one dollar bills the cars. According to the Virginia senator, the money was thrown to protest the ridiculous amounts of money that go into campaigns.

Clinton’s detour to Calif. for a fundraiser with Clooney was a huge success, raising $15,000,000. Clooney told Chuck Todd, of Meet the Press, he had worked with Clinton before and found that she really cared about the issues. He also mentioned that if her Democratic rival gets the nomination, he would do everything in his power to help him get elected.

By Katherine Miller
Edited by Cathy Milne


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