The New Galaxy S7 Differs From iPhone

The New Galaxy S7 Differs From iPhone



Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 could be the twin of the iPhone 6S. This is not a new discovery; it has been emerging over the past couple years. iPhones were being created with a larger screen, similar to Samsung’s “phablets” or tablet phones. Companies copy and add each year from the higher selling models.

In the Spring of 2015, Samsung began to focus on the ingenuity of their designs and the quality of the materials used. This is what Apple has been doing for many years. In the Fall of 2015, the resolution of the iPhone camera was increased, making the product more similar to Samsung. Samsung is now lowering the rear camera resolution for the new Galaxy S7, making it the same 12 megapixels as iPhone 6S.

Other similarities in the two popular phones would be their size. Samsung has left behind its widescreen for iPhone’s 4 x 3 dimensions. Both phones have front cameras at 5 megapixels and both use the screen as a flash and will offer 360-degree cameras to take videos made to view on the phone. The Galaxy and the iPhone use only the original battery, it is not removable or replaceable.

There are, however, clear differences in the two phones. Samsung is becoming one of the strongest supporters of virtual reality, whereas, the iPhone has features that are activated when the user presses the 3D icon harder than usual. The Galaxy S7 measures at 5.2 inches, compared to iPhone’s 6s 4.7 inches, making the iPhone slightly smaller and lighter. The Galaxy S7 Edge has sides that curve making the screen move over the sides of the phone to the back. The screen is 5.5 inches, mostly from the curve of the phone.

The Samsung android has 32 gigabytes of memory, but the user is able to add more memory. Although, the iPhone only has 16 gigabytes of memory and no way to expand. Samsung’s S7 is waterproof without having to seal off all ports and can be charged wirelessly by placing the phone on a charging base. iPhone does not offer any of these options.

Both Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7 allow for fingerprint unlocking and allow purchases with a simple tap at specified retailers. Samsung Pay has a wider variety of merchants but only allows specific bank cards over Apple Pay.

The iPhone 6S was released Sept. 25, 2015. Samsung announced the Galaxy S7 release date to be March 11, 2016, in Barcelona, Spain, at a wireless conference. However, consumers who purchase their S7 by March 18th will receive a free Samsung Gear S2 or Gear VR if ordered online. While Samsung is the leader in Android technology, Apple owns its iOS. The apps available are different for each phone, marking more of the differences in the two devices.

iPhone screens are LCD which requires energy for backlighting. The Galaxy S7 screens save energy and are AMOLED so colors are more clear and vivid. Each pixel makes its own light.

BGR claims that Samsung modeled the S7 after the iPhone S6 and that is what propelled the Galaxy to the top of the Smartphone market. BGR says that no other company ships close to the number of handsets as Samsung each quarter.

Smartphones have been copying each other for years according to BGR. iPhone will use some key features of Android and vice versa. However, the 2016 Mobile World Congress Trade Show’s top three phones each offered an entirely different feature than the other using innovation and original functionality.

By Jeanette Smith


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