Hillary Clinton Wins South Carolina and Bernie Sanders Remains Positive

Hillary Clinton Wins South Carolina and Bernie Sanders Remains Positive

Hillary Clinton

The polls in South Carolina closed at 7:00 p.m. EST and shortly afterward the announcement, “Hillary Clinton wins” the Democratic primary was made. According to National Public Radio (NPR), at 9:48 p.m. with 2,239 of the 2,240 precincts reporting Clinton received 73.5 percent of the vote, leaving Bernie Sanders with 26 percent. Sanders remains positive and vows to continue his campaigning, even while conceding his loss in South Carolina primary and congratulating Clinton. His team immediately sent out encouraging messages to volunteers and supporters.

ClintonThe Sanders team sent out the following, “A lot of people said we had no chance. Our ideas are too big. The billionaire class is too powerful. But we kept at it. We came to a virtual tie in Iowa, had a big win in New Hampshire, and made huge progress in Nevada.”

According to NPR, the Sanders campaign appeared to acknowledge that Clinton’s win in the first Southern primary was inevitable. He left South Carolina before the final results were in and headed out to Minnesota, where he was scheduled to campaign this evening. He congratulated Clinton and turned his eyes toward the major primary/caucus events of March 1, also known as, Super Tuesday.

Upon his arrival in Minneapolis, Minn., he told reporters, “In politics, on a given night, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Tonight we lost. I congratulate Secretary Clinton on her very strong victory.” He continued stating that come Tuesday there are over 800 delegates to win and he vows to end that evening with “many, many of them.”

Angel Rivera, the administrator of Bernie Believers Facebook group wrote the following message: “Everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax. South Carolina is a very conservative state right in the middle of the Bible belt. So, did you seriously expect a liberal who is a non-Christian to do well?” He continued to encourage those who are distressed that all is lost by reminding them, “Bernie is leading in 12 of the next 16 states after Super Tuesday and the other four states are in play.” Sanders remains positive in spite of Clinton’s win in South Carolina.

Clinton, on the other hand, was jubilant! She suffered a crushing defeat in South Carolina in 2008 against Barak Obama. However, the African-American voters who had not supported her in her previous bid for the presidential nomination voted for Clinton in 2016. Missing from Clinton’s side during her acceptance speech was her husband and daughter.

Missing from Clinton’s side during her acceptance speech were her husband and daughter. She began by thanking her supporters and then congratulated Sanders on his well-run campaign. Clinton then invited her followers to join her in tearing down the walls that are preventing the success of America. She wants to provide opportunities for every citizen to live out their full God-given potential. Then, and only then, can America be made great again!Clinton shouted proclamations of greatness

Clinton shouted proclamations of American greatness, “We’re going to work together to give people, particularly young people, the tools you need.” She declared, “Tomorrow this campaign goes national! We are going to compete for every vote in every state. We are not taking anything for granted!”

If Clinton were to be elected as the 67th President of the United States, the 68-year-old would be the first female president. According to The New York Times, her win in South Carolina may be an indication that she will also be victorious in the other southern states.

However, the battle remains in many Western and Northern states, where black voters are not the majority. In South Carolina African-American voters made up 62 percent of the voters based on exit polls. The New York Times claims her best strategy to beat Sanders would be to focus on the states where the population is made up of black communities.

Sanders vows to continue his campaign, remains positive, and plans to win the nomination for the presidency. To be victorious over Clinton, who now has more delegates due to her win in South Carolina, Sanders must carry as many states as possible beginning with those on Super Tuesday.

By Cathy Milne


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