7 Notorious Kanye West Moments

7 Notorious Kanye West Moments


KanyeKanye West’s catalog of notorious moments is always expanding due to his overzealous and arrogant attitude. From scandalous outfits to off the chart performances and interrupting award shows, Yeezus always finds a way to draw attention to himself. Just when fans think he has done it all, the rapper manages to pull off another stunt to crown that last one. It would take far too long to reference all of the hysterics that make up this Grammy Award-winning artist, but here are 7 of Kanye’s craziest moments.

1. Kanye wears enormous angel wings at the Grammy Awards

Although many would agree that he is far from angelic, in 2005 the Through the Wire rapper wore a huge pair of angel wings during his performance at the 47th annual Grammy Awards. The ceremony was a big one for the rapper who took home three Grammys that night. As he performed his hit single Jesus Walks, Kanye rose above the choir wearing enormous angel wings. This was a never forget moment for Mr. West.

2. Kanye goes on public rant during Hurricane Katrina fundraiser

Also in 2005, during a live Concert for Hurricane Relief, Kanye blasted Former President George Bush for his slow efforts at recovery for the Katrina victims. Kanye went off on a rant before producers could cut him off and ended the public outburst by yelling,

George Bush does not care about black people!

Although there was a several-second delay, the person in charge was listening for profanity and had not realized the Good Life singer had gone off script. The comments were only heard live on the East Coast; the taped show was censored before airing on the West Coast.

3. Kanye on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine

In one of his first public displays as a god, Kanye appeared on the 2006 cover of Rolling Stone magazine wearing a crown of thorns. Many said his Jesus Walks song was the inspiration behind the concept while others have attributed it to his over-the-top ego. The rapper may not claim to be Jesus, but has a following of disciples who quit traditional church to join Kanye’s Yeezianity religion.

4. Kanye chugs Hennessey and Interrupts Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV VMA’s

In 2006, when things did not go Kanye’s way he stormed onto the stage at the MTV Europe Music Awards after his video Touch the Sky failed to win. Although he later apologized for the outburst, the damage had already been done. Just three years later…Kanye was at it again.Kanye

At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye was seen chugging down a bottle of Hennessey. That same night, he jumped on stage and rudely interrupted Taylor’s award acceptance speech because he felt Beyoncé should have won for Best Female Video. The drunken rapper screamed into the microphone that he was really happy for the singer, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time. He was eventually escorted out of Radio City Music Hall for his behavior, but not before terrorizing the young singer, leaving his friend Beyoncé to pick up the pieces.

5. Kanye beats up paparazzi photographer at LAX

Celebrities and paparazzi go together like white on rice. However, one day Kanye was not up to being photographed or answering any questions while at the Los Angeles airport. He ended up in a confrontation with a photographer, lost his cool and allegedly beat up the cameraman. On July 19, that interaction went left really fast and landed the photographer on a stretcher headed to the emergency room. The rapper reportedly was hit with three misdemeanors of vandalism, grand theft, and battery.

6. Kanye West announces he’s running for President 2020

In 2015, after Kanye rendered an awkward acceptance speech after receiving the Video Vanguard Award he announced his bid for the Oval Office in 2020. The award he was the recipient of is the VMA’s highest honor and West was no less than proud of his achievement. After throwing a host of insults towards the show and its methods of deciding who wins the best video title, Kanye uttered these words:

As you probably could’ve guessed by this moment, I have decided, in 2020, to run for president!

7. Kanye interrupts Beck at Grammys

During the latest Grammy Awards ceremony, Kanye struck a chord again. The College Drop Out rapper jumped onto the stage just as musician Beck was accepting his award for Album of the Year. He left without saying anything and Beck took it all in stride Kanye and even invited Kanye back to the stage. The rapper, although he later claimed it was not a joke, was already back at his seat laughing about it with his wife. Apparently, it really bothers Kanye when Queen B is not crowned whenever she is nominated.

One thing fans and critics must agree on is, if there is anyone that can top the charts with outrageously notorious moments, Kanye is the man. From award show interruptions to otherwise shocking behavior, the You Can’t Tell Me Nothing lyricist surely knows how to turn heads with his actions.

Kanye West seems to have become synonymous with a huge self-serving ego as he has declared himself to be the greatest of all time in everything he does. Although it may seem like a stretch to narrow down the list to just 7 of his most notorious moments, one thing is certain, the man definitely knows how to draw a crowd.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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