Bruce and Caitlyn: Hero?

Bruce and Caitlyn: Hero?

Bruce and Caitlyn

In this essay, I will give my opinion on the current hot topic of the transformation of Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn Jenner.

I see a man which used to live a life of glory. He was an Olympic champion, the best representation of a hero that America had seen during the late 70’s and early 80’s. I see an individual, that lost his individuality to become the smallest part of an ensemble, The Kardashians.
Similarly to the homosexuality discussion, much of it resides on the fact that gay-proponents believe that we come out of our mother’s womb with an already defined attraction to male or female, which, in my eyes, is ridiculous. How can you be born with a psychological characteristic with an attraction to a certain gender if your brain is still developing? You don’t know what colors are, but you already know (innately) that there are females and males, and you’re attracted to the latter? Seems like a very specific type of pre-birth knowledge, that is wasted in that field. Would not it be more useful to already know what profession we want to exercise when we grow up, or even what football team we will belong to?

Similarly with the football team, you become a fan of your sexual orientation, and gender issues are defined by your human experience. The same way that most people become a fan of the same team their father or mother is a fan of, your sexual orientation will also be connected with the relationship, abusive or not, or lack of relationship with your parents and people around you. But do not limit this argument to the family or people around you. Due to TV, the Internet, and a more liberal approach that parents take when it comes to letting their kids interact with other children, the outside stimuli children are exposed to nowadays is undoubtedly more intense than ever. And as so, loving, active parents, can still have a child with a perverted relationship with their own sexuality, not due to their actions, but due to some other outside stimuli the child is exposed to. Similarly to an athlete that has non-athletic parents, the motivation and stimulation to become an athlete doesn’t come from the parents, but from other outside stimuli that the athlete was exposed to in his growing process, unless you believe he was already born an athlete. Specially in the case of Bruce Jenner, the ridiculousness of this argument comes to a boiling point- he was born a female in a man’s body, that would however win an Olympic gold medal as a male athlete…So was he born as a male athlete and a female at the same time?

In the particular case of Bruce/Caitlyn, there is no way you can avoid the environment that he has been in for the last years, and the relationship that that has with his recent change. Jenner, for the last years of his life has lived in the most hyper-feminine environment in the world, the Kardashian household, where attention and recognition is given to the people with the best appearance, where superficiality is a life style, and looks a constant topic. Bruce Jenner who was used to being the center of attention for most of his life, suddenly saw himself being dismissed form the public eye for not being interesting enough (i.e. not having a big enough ass or pretty face), while the rest of his family, which had nothing else to offer than being voluptuous females were put in the forefront.

I think that this is the main reason for Bruce’s transformation, the fact that all the attention he was receiving was gone, and when it came back stronger than ever, it wasn’t for him but for the women he was associated with. In the quest of getting attention and having people notice him, he, like all of us do, copied the closest people to him that have the life he wants to have, and as such became a controversial woman, the maximum symbol of today’s pop culture. Like Dale Carnegie said, “everybody wants to feel important”. And to achieve that, we tend to copy people around us that are considered important. That’s how human behavior develops, it is influenced by the environment, “monkey see, monkey do”.

Written by Leandro Goncalves