A “Swift” Response

A “Swift” Response


Apparently window shopping for jewelry with your boyfriend shouts to the world “We are getting engaged!” I suppose that’s only true for those of us who have reached Celebridum like Ms. Swift. It is also noted that the couple went to more than one major jeweler in the Beverly Hills area including Diamond Baubles. I am told that this also indicates “We are getting engaged!”

Other peoples assumptions in the media truly rub me the wrong way. I remember when dating was all about bonding over similarities and developing a tolerance for the annoying way you thought the other person chewed. I guess for a celebrity in the public eye, dating is a little different. Everything about your relationship appears to be superficial to all those reading about your life! We the media get to pick and choose what kind of relationship you have and if you love or hate your significant other. Are they cheating on you? Are you secretly sexting their best friend? Probably not, but it is reported that something like that could be going on, multiple times through out the day.

The fact that it was reported that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are getting engaged, simply because they were sharing there likes and dislikes for expensive jewelry with each other, shows how creative some of us can be. Maybe the conversation went as follows. Swift might say something like, “Babe if you want to buy me the perfect gift, something that looks like that necklace with the chocolate diamonds and sapphires in it over there would be acceptable. But if you get me a hideously designed bracelet like that ruby one right there, we are never getting back together, I mean ever.”

Then Calvin might have said something like, “Look darling, you can have whatever you like simply because I need your love.”

See, I have an imagination too! Of course Taylor and her entourage can’t comment on every rumor started about her. Nevertheless, she did take the time to grab her phone and tweet her status in order to bash the latest gossip about her and her beloved. She was doing a show in St. Louis so I’m thinking it may have struck a nerve. At no point should someone have stopped what they are doing to address “high school gab.” I assume the rumors are so numerous that they would be viewed as true if things weren’t denied every so often. I can be sure that calling these types of situations annoying is an understatement.

So to put it plainly, no, Taylor Swift and Adam Richard Wiles a.k.a. Calvin Harris are not engaged, at least, not at the moment.

In a previous report back in July, Calvin was asked how he felt about the growing rumors surrounding the couple. In his reply on a radio show, he was found gushing about how happy they are together. So we can assume the rumors aren’t something that he minds much. If I were him I wouldn’t complain about marrying the girl of my dreams either! Smart man.

Celebrities have been grouped in a separate category from other humans beings, which, over time, has become the norm. They are in fact, just people who still enjoy having private thoughts and private time away from prying eyes. They just so happen to have perfected their crafts and are praised and paid for it.

Greed and notoriety motivates other people to capitalize on pictures taken without permission. This images rely on captions written to describe an event that most likely never took place. Reporting things that build speculation is one thing, but pulling modern day fairy tales out of thin air is something else entirely. Next time try sticking to the title when writing the body of your article. Are Taylor and Calvin getting engaged? Maybe, but I’m sure you wouldn’t be the first to know!

Written by LaTarsha Bixby

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