WWE News: WWE Superstar John Cena Injured at Live Event

WWE News: WWE Superstar John Cena Injured at Live Event

WWE News: WWE Superstar John Cena Injured at Live Event

WWE Superstar John Cena has been at the top of WWE for about a decade. He has been “The Man” for years and one that can put WWE on his back for sure. The problem is that the entire WWE can be quite heavy, and at times “the face that runs the place” cannot hold the company up like Atlas held the sky.

Sadly the world was too heavy and John Cena had to drop it last night at a WWE Live Event. In a match with Kevin Owens, which appeared to be an Extreme Rules match, Cena went for a move similar to the Canadian Destroyer. He has had issues with this move for some time now, seeing as usually the people who do the move are smaller and Cena happens to be 250 pounds. Owens tried to save the move, but ended up dropping back, causing Cena to fall on his neck.

John Cena immediately went down, similar to what would happen if hit by a devastating move. Owens went for the pin, and Cena kicked out at 2. It was a botch, and one that may have hurt Cena a great deal. The ref put up the infamous “X” signal, which usually stands for injury. The WWE doctor took a look at Cena, but he appeared to be okay as he finished the match. One has to wonder if WWE sent Cena to a local doctor to get checked out.

John Cena fights Seth Rollins in a few weeks for the WWE United States Title at the WWE Night of Champions PPV. Could his potential injury cost him the match?

John Cena has been hurt a lot over the years, but usually comes back early to show how much of a superman he truly is. This means we probably can expect Cena to come back at WWE RAW this coming Monday. WWE has yet to comment on the issue, but due to the fact that this is making rounds on the internet, someone will have to comment soon.

Written by Joe Burgett

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