Hamas Arrests Dolphin Suspected as Israeli Spy

Hamas Arrests Dolphin Suspected as Israeli Spy


Several Israeli media reported on Thursday, Aug. 20, that Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, claimed to capture an Israeli spy. However, the Israeli spy is not an agent of the intelligence agency Mossad. The spy Hamas arrested is a dolphin.

Citing a source, Palestinian daily newspaper Al-Quds previously reported the Hamas commando saw a suspicious dolphin before catching the marine mammal. After the dolphin was captured, the Hamas commando found a camera strapped on the animal’s body. In addition, a weapon that could fire a number of small arrows was also found.

It has not obtained a response from the Israeli government so far. The Israeli military radio station called the country did have a fleet of Dolphin-class submarines. However, the radio confirmed Hamas arrested the real dolphin.

This sort of thing was not the first time that happened in the Middle East. About five years ago, the Egyptian government had accused Israel on sending a number of sharks to attack tourists on the beaches of the Sinai Peninsula to destroy the Egyptian tourist industry.

Two years later, Sudan had reported catching a hawk Mossad used to spy on the country. In 2013, the Lebanese Hezbollah claimed catching a hawk that had been trained to perform the task of spying.

Mutual suspicion can indeed lead to odd deeds. One of them took place in Turkey. The Turkish government detained a bird because it was suspected as a spy for Israel. However, Turkey then freed the bird after X-ray examination proved it did not carry any espionage equipment.

The kestrel was suspicious since a metal ring on its foot was printed the words “24311 Tel Avivunia Israel.” As a result of these words, an Altinavya villager who found the bird handed it over to local authorities.

Furthermore, the bird was taken to a local university hospital to undergo X-ray examination to ascertain whether it was carrying microchips or wiretaps. Once confirmed, the bird was not carrying any espionage tool.

The Turkish government finally released the bird. This unique story had become the main news in Turkish daily newspaper Milliyet.

Written by Riyan Septa