Caitlyn Jenner at War With Kris? Grandkids Favor Caitlyn as Their Grandma

Caitlyn Jenner at War With Kris? Grandkids Favor Caitlyn as Their Grandma


Caitlyn Jenner’s new identity has her competing against Kris Jenner on who is the better grandmother. According to reports, ever since Jenner introduced himself to the family as a woman, everyone has embraced him with open arms, even Kourtney and Kim Kardashian’s children. What’s more intriguing is the supposed fact that the young ones are referring to Jenner as the “better grandmother,” leaving the 58-year-old momager furious.

The mother-of-five was already said to have struggled with accepting her husband’s decision in wanting to become a woman, having noticed a huge behaviour change in recent years, which reportedly caused the downfall to their marriage. While the former Olympic champ has accepted his wrongdoings, admitting that he wanted out of the marriage years ago, Jenner feels humiliated and betrayed that while she is made out to be the enemy, her ex-husband is looked upon as the victim.

It is extra difficult for Jenner to comprehend the change now that her nieces and nephew are choosing the former Olympic athlete over her. Insiders say that the 65-year-old is “so much fun,” adding that whenever the kids visit her Malibu home, they are treated to candy, tons of cartoon movies, a huge collection of toys and they get to stay up late. Many of those things usually are not tolerated with the momager who chooses a different approach in helping her daughters raise their children.

Nonetheless, because Jenner has spoiled the kids in the way that she does, North West, Penelope, and Mason Disick have shown great signs that they prefer spending time with their second grandmother. It has got to be a slap in the face for Jenner’s ex-wife seeing that she has had to deal with public scrutiny for not wanting to accept the idea that she will never see the identity of the man she once married. Furthermore, while she has struggled in coming to terms with Jenner’s new look, even her grandchildren are choosing the transgender woman over the momager. Ouch.

Following the 65-year-old’s announcement that she was set to become a woman, the entire Kardashian family showed their support on social media apart from Jenner who refused in participating for obvious reasons. It is unclear whether the former married couple have seen each other since their heated argument during one of the recent episodes on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, where Jenner admits he has been living a lie through their two-decade-long marriage.

Jenner is currently gearing up for the release of her forthcoming reality show I Am Cait. TV critics already predict that the E! program will beat KUWTK in the TV-ratings department, which will be another blow for the ex-wife who is known to be the executive producer of all Kardashian shows. So in conclusion, it seems that the 65-year-old former Olympic athlete is making his ex-wife’s life a living hell following her transgender confession; she is favoured by the grandkids, she is set to destroy the Kardashians in TV ratings and she looks relitavely better. One has to feel some sort of sympathy for the 59-year-old, right?

By Maurice Cassidy


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  1. I love the fact that Kris is miserable. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. I look forward to the days of no more Kartrashians.