Stephen King May Finally Get ‘The Dark Tower’ Made Into Movie

Stephen King May Finally Get ‘The Dark Tower’ Made Into Movie

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Stephen King may finally get The Dark Tower made into a movie, after a lot of false starts and previous promising attempts having gone by the wayside. In fact, The Dark Tower might also be made into a tie-in HBO television series, according to io9 and other sources.

If these plans come to fruition, Stephen King’s much-beloved series of novels, The Dark Tower, beginning with The Gunslinger, might finally add to the King of Macabre’s cinematic canon. Others have tried to adapt the series of novels into a movie, including Ron Howard; but, so far, none of the attempts have managed to make their way to the Silver Screen.

According to reports by Cinema Blend and The Hollywood Reporter, Stephen King’s The Dark Tower movie will be based on the first novel of the series, The Gunslinger. The proposed flick will be financed by Sony and MRC, and Ron Howard will still be on board, along with Erica huggins, Brian Grazer and Akiva Goldman, as co-producers. There is a script ready to go, and Stephen King has reportedly expressed his excitement that a movie adaption of The Gunslinger is getting tantalizingly closer to becoming a reality.

HBO is, according to Cinema Blend and Deadline, working with MRC to develop a complimentary TV series based on The Gunslinger and possibly other novels in The Dark Tower series. Ron Howard will also be involved with the TV series, and it will be co-written by Fringe writers, Jeff Pinkner and Akiva Goldman.

According to the new Sony Pictures Entertainment chairman, Tom Rothman, Sony is thrilled with the current version of the script. One of the next big steps towards getting the HBO series based on Stephen King’s novels on the air will be finding a suitable director.

Stephen King is reportedly “excited” that The Dark Tower series “is finally going to appear on the screen.” He added that the new direction that the proposed script, movie and TV series are taking is “a brilliant and creative approach to my books.”

Actors Russell Crowe and Javier Bardem have been among the stars expressing their interest in playing the title character of Stephen King’s The Gunslinger, Roland Deschain. Deschain inhabits a supernatural world called Mid-World, and he is a member of an order of knights that use guns to enforce their code of morality and keep order intact, as best as they can, in a chaotic world.

Roland, in Stephen King’s series of novels, is on a quest to locate The Dark Tower, a mystical structure which serves as a nexus of all of the multiple worlds in existence. As such, time lines get interwoven and crossed throughout the series, and Roland Deschain brings his brand of justice to several different locales and eras. He must try to save The Dark Tower from being destroyed by a mysterious figure.

Though Stephen King’s series has been highly successful and there has even been a Marvel comic book created based on the novels, as well as Discordia, a video game experience, the novels have so far proven to be difficult to create cinematic adaptions for, though many have tried, like Universal Pictures. Universal had plans to create a trilogy of movies based on The Dark Tower novels by Stephen King, and also a TV series to go along with them; but, it ended up in a sort of limbo. Warner Brothers considered making a movie based on the series, but ultimately passed on doing so.

Now, The Gunslinger, the first book of Stephen King’s series of novels, The Dark Tower, is getting closer to becoming a reality, after around 10 years of frustrated attempts to get an adaption made. Tom Rothman, of Sony, seems to be one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the project, calling himself “a giant fan.” While the movie and TV series based on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series is still a long ways off into the future, both are eagerly anticipated by Stephen King fans.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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