Rand Paul and His Presidential Campaign Promises

Rand Paul and His Presidential Campaign Promises


If Rand Paul can escape the shadows of his father he may just pull through and actually win the presidential election, but his campaign promises speak for themselves, or do they? Though many have joined Rand Paul in his hope to win the election, many who have heard his speeches are still shopping for the right candidate, while others are on board. Paul plans some straight forward, constitution-backing implementations, which he promises to deliver if made president. With all of the candidates beginning their presidential campaigns, his competition is going to assure that Paul brings more to the table as his campaign continues. But what campaign followers know from Paul so far, they seem to like.

According to statements made by campaign followers, Rand wants nothing more than to get back to traditional, constitutional values. As many Americans believe that the U.S. has strayed much from the constitution, this seems to be an important quality for a presidential runner. Since the beginning, his campaign slogan has portrayed his will to provide better for Americans as he campaigns to “beat the Washington machine and unleash the American dream.” Though their slogan may not be as catchy, other Republican candidates will probably promise the same thing, if they have not already. So getting more specific, Rand has promised things in detail for certain followers.

In New Hampshire, Paul promised that he would fight to ensure that the federal government would stay out of their business, essentially leaving them alone. He promised them that he would keep the federal government out of their homes, businesses, and churches. In so many words he also promised not to play the same “shenanigans” as Hillary Clinton, as he openly expresses his feelings toward her, accusing her of blatant dishonesty. Much like every other candidate, as well, Paul has promised to cut taxes and give Americans a break. Calling himself a different kind of Republican, he also promises Americans a new way of doing things in Congress, a candidate they can fully trust, and a person who will solely work for them from the White House. Paul builds his campaign on the holes that he states are in the system in America and plays on Americans emotions toward the economy, the law, and America as a whole.

Though many politicians have stated that Paul is the best candidate for the win, he may not be able to do just that. His campaign from the start has been decently strong, but according to sources, the Republican party does not completely back him. With so many candidates to choose from it must be hard to determine which candidate the GOP thinks is the best one. However, in many of Paul’s statements he has fought for his want to expand the Republican party and has even begun Republican outreach in his campaign. This move would seem like the GOP members would fully back Rand in his campaign. But with his declaring that he will beat the “Washington machine,” Rand’s outreach may have to replace members of the Republican party, if he hopes to achieve what he promises.

Whether the Republican party fully backs him or not, Rand Paul’s presidential campaign plan has started out with a bang and will most likely only get stronger as he moves on, making more promises. With fierce competition from the Republican party, including Senator Ted Cruz, Rand may not see a win in the end. But as Paul continues to campaign to the election, many who his hear speeches and review his campaign plan are finding that they will “Stand with Rand.”

By Crystal Boulware


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