Nepal Earthquake Rocks Nation and Kills Over 2,000 People

Nepal Earthquake Rocks Nation and Kills Over 2,000 People


Kathmandu, Nepal was rocked with a massive earthquake that killed over 2,000 people. The people of Nepal were desperately digging for any survivors after the natural disaster hit the country according to MSN News. AOL News stated that about fifty scientists from all over the world got together in Nepal a week before the earthquake and said that a massive disaster was expected to occur shortly. The earthquake hit a lot more suddenly than the scientists had believed that it would.

The region is in an area that is prone to earthquakes due to the fact that it rests on two tectonic plates. It is considered to be an area that is a disaster waiting to happen. CNN stated that that there was even fatalities that reached India and China. Nepal has damage and devastation all over the place. The capital, which housed three million people, is now primarily concerned with disaster relief. The capital is making this relief effort a top priority and is determined to restore the country as much as possible to its former state and aid its people.

Many homes are now just piles of rubble and many are seeking to find missing loved ones while hoping that pieces of their past may have been preserved despite the tragedy. People flocked to hospitals, with some even being treated outside the hospitals, while others just have been desperately searching for family and friends who went missing. The 7.8 earthquake of Nepal has its people fearing additional quakes. During the day, people have been crowding the streets and some even slept on golf courses during the night. Some even took up camp in open squares. The Nepal earthquake according to MSN News has the country terrified and completely lost as to what to do next.

 According to BBC News, the Nepal government has declared an official state of emergency. The United States is even sending a disaster response team to aid in the recovery efforts along with transferring over one million euros. DNA Analysis said that about 1,000 trained personnel of the National Disaster Response Force(NDRF) were sent to aid in the relief efforts. This is said to be the worst earthquake that Nepal has experienced in over 80 years. An evacuation plan has been put into place to help stranded tourists. Around 1,000 tourists have been flown from Nepal since the earthquake occurred on Saturday.

MSN News said that people have mentioned how they do not feel safe in any way and fear additional aftershocks as they experienced so many so far. The number killed is now well over 2,000 and the number injured is around 5,900. These are the reported numbers so far as the death and injured tolls seem to keep rising as time passes. The efforts of search and rescue are far from over as the relief effort teams continue to scour Kathmandu, Nepal and surrounding area for survivors. MSN said that there would have been many more deaths had any more buildings collapsed or caved in. Hospitals are running out of supplies and space and there is limited power and water available. The people of Nepal are hopeful that additional teams will be sent to the country to assist in the search and relief efforts. Nepal has been left shattered and terrified by the earthquake and hope that no other disasters will follow this one, at least not for a long time.

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