Lifetime to Premiere ‘Grace of Monaco’ in May 2015

Lifetime to Premiere ‘Grace of Monaco’ in May 2015

Grace of Monaco

The new Nicole Kidman movie, Grace of Monaco, has found a home on the Lifetime network, with a scheduled premiere date of May 25, 2015. The film was the opening movie for the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. Internationally, the movie performed poorly at all of the engagements it was scheduled for. A number of dates were planned for the film to be released theatrically, with each of them being moved or cancelled. Then, The Weinstein Company, which had picked up distribution rights for the United States during the 2013 Berlin Film Festival, made the ultimate decision to sell Grace of Monaco directly to the Lifetime network.

Grace of Monaco has had a rough road since it was first shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. Not only were there a number of critics panning the movie, but even the children of the late princess called the depictions in the film inaccurate and overly glamorized. Even the director seemed upset by the direction that Grace of Monaco had taken, as there were two different versions of the movie produced. Even with all of these issues, however, Lifetime has decided to give Grace of Monaco a chance on their network.

Grace of MonacoThis film is not a full biography but is instead just a small piece of the story. Grace of Monaco is a depiction of one year in the life of the actress turned princess, and her struggles dealing with letting go of her past, as she works on living life as a public figure in a new manner.

Grace of Monaco is set six years after Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. The year is 1962 and the princess is dealing with putting her past as an actress behind her, as she lives her life as the wife of the Prince of Monaco. As Grace struggles to overcome her desire to return to acting, she also finds herself dealing with a much more personal crisis, as the fate of her marriage hangs in the balance. Prince Rainier III is in a political battle with the French President Charles De Gaulle, and there is a possible invasion of the country on their hands from France. This is when Grace must determine, if returning to Hollywood is worth turning away from her husband and new home country.

The film Grace of Monaco stars Kidman as Grace Kelly and Tim Roth who plays Prince Rainier III. Other stars include Paz Vega who portrays Maria Callas, a well known opera singer, Frank Langella portraying Father Francis Tucker and Parker Posey as Grace’s aide, Madge. Arash Amel both produced and wrote the screenplay for Grace of Monaco. The film was directed by Olivier Dahan.

Grace of Monaco is set to premiere on the Lifetime network on Memorial Day 2015. While many of the critics may have been less than favorable in their reviews of the movie, there is still some hope that Lifetime viewers will appreciate not only the topic, but also the performances put on by Kidman and the rest of the cast.

By Kimberley Spinney


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