Kevin Hart Among Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People

Kevin Hart Among Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People


A list of the 100 most influential people was published by Time magazine, as part of their 12th annual edition, Kevin Hart was among the talent on that list. Hart is a producer, actor, writer, and comedian. He was born in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He won many amateur comedy competitions, which gave him a start in this career field.

This issue of Time gave recognition to so many individuals, ranging from pop culture artists to dictators. People of notoriety that were placed on separate covers included Jorge Ramos, Kanye West, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Misty Copeland, and Bradley Cooper. Pop star Taylor Swift, movie director Christopher Nolan, astronaut Scott Kelly, Cuban President Raul Castro, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi were also among the list of honorees.

Time magazine selected President Barack Obama for the 10th time, and Hillary Clinton for the eighth time. No one  has had greater visualization from this magazine than President Obama. Forty women are among the honorees including 17-year-old education activist, Malala Yousafzai. Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi, who is 88 years old, is the oldest in the group to be recognized.

Hart and his brother were raised by their mother, Nancy. Being very strict, she did not allow him to watch R-rated films or movies with cursing. She kept him busy with extracurricular activities and off the streets of his neighborhood. Hart was able to watch Eddy Murphy at a cousin’s house and pick up tricks of the trade from someone he thought was very funny. At one time, his relationship with his father was difficult because his father had a cocaine addiction and was in prison from time to time.

Prior to pursuing a career in comedy, Hart worked as a shoe salesman. When he quit that job, he started comedy under the name Lil Kev. This five foot four inch novice comedian did not do well at the beginning. Trying to find his own unique style was very difficult. Hart’s first stand up comedy happened due to some coworkers convincing him to participate in an amateur night. At one of his first shows, a piece of chicken was tossed at him, and hit him on the cheek. Hart admitted that he had not worked out another alternative career plan if this one failed.

The selected icons for Time magazine have impacted others positively or negatively and each of them have had a notable person write a profile of accolades. Chris Rock, an iconic comedian, wrote that Hart was the “biggest stand up comedy in the country.” He further went on to say that he did not believe that a number two existed. Rock said that Hart is very personable and makes a person feel like there is a friendship there. In his performances, people see the true, lovable side of Hart. There is the brief observations of Jerry Seinfeld, the Bill Cosby family storytelling, and the honesty of Richard Pryor. When Hart was interviewed, he said that he believes that one can turn the negative into something positive. He is not afraid to show people who he really is.

By Marie A. Wakefield


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