Kelly Clarkson Not Ashamed Despite ‘Fat Shamers’

Kelly Clarkson Not Ashamed Despite ‘Fat Shamers’

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is on the top of the world, fame-wise, with her latest album, Piece by Piece, having hit Number One on the Billboard charts, so she is definitely not ashamed despite all of the fat shamers who have commented about her weight recently and over the years. Clarkson is also enjoying her role as a mom, so she has no room in her busy life and career to let haters have much influence over her.

Kelly Clarkson, 32, opened up on Friday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about how she felt about people who try to gain fame for themselves through making fat shaming comments about her and other celebs. Most recently, British Tv personality, Katie Hopkins, has been one of the most vocal celebs who have slammed Kelly Clarkson about her weight, even commenting about Clarkson’s beautiful baby daughter, River Rose Blackstock.

Kelly has said that people have actually been making comments about her weight even when she was on American Idol, before she got her big break and became famous around the world. Kelly Clarkson told Ellen that when she competed on American Idol, “I wasn’t big,” but she said that many people thought of her as being “the biggest girl” on the show.

Kelly Clarkson’s point was that the cruel comments and fat shaming that has been in the news so much lately is really not a new phenomena, but has been going on to various degrees for the past 13 years. For anyone who thinks that comments like those made by Hopkins are new, Kelly Clarkson said to Ellen “welcome to the past 13 years!”

Until the comments that Katie Hopkins had made about her were brought to Kelly Clarkson’s attention, she had never even heard of the TV personality, let alone about the comments that Hopkins had made. She has said that she tries not to let negative comments, like those made by people who are “fat shamers,” get to her. However, Kelly Clarkson did mention to Ellen that it hurts her to hear a fan make a remark, like if someone in line to greet her tells her something like “If they think you’re big I must be so fat to them.”

Kelly Clarkson knows how she looks now is not how she looked in the past, nor is it how she will look in the future. We all have changed, sometimes for the better, and she has had periods in her life when, in Kelly Clarkson’s own words, she has been “more fit” and she has even been “into kickboxing hardcore.” As she philosophically said to Ellen, “We are who we are—whatever size. It doesn’t mean that we’re gonna be that forever.”

Despite fat shamers like Katie Hopkins calling Kelly Clarkson cruel names like “chunky monkey,” the Heartbeat Song singer has tried to, for the most part, not let the comments bother her. By almost any measure of success, Kelly Clarkson has been enjoying a terrific life, ever since she won on american Idol and the public has made four of her albums into Number One best-sellers. Then, to top of her success as a musical artist with personal success, she got married to Brandon Blackstock, had a baby daughter, and recently has served as a mentor on American Idol, trying to help others achieve the sort of success that she has had. She has little time in her busy life to pay much attention to “fat shamers.”

Written By Douglas Cobb

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