Dennis Quaid Meltdown Staged for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’?

Dennis Quaid Meltdown Staged for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’?

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid had an expletive-laced meltdown while on the set of an upcoming movie, Truth, or…Quaid’s so-called “meltdown,” was staged for an upcoming episode of Jimmy Kimmel. While Dennis Quaid’s meltdown, captured on cellphone video, certainly looked real, many naysayers are convinced that Dennis Quaid was setting the whole thing up, to mock Christian Bale’s notorious meltdown while on the set of the 2009 flick, Terminator Salvation.

Dennis Quaid, 61, plays Colonel Roger Charles in the movie Truth. It is about the last days of Dan Rather as a CBS news anchor. Dan Rather is being played by Robert Redford, and other big-name stars in the movie include Cate Blanchett playing Mary Mapes, Elisabeth Moss in the role of Lucy Scott and Topher Grace playing Mike Smith. The plot of the movie is based on how President Bush allegedly relied on privilege and his family’s connections to get out of fighting in the Viet Nam War.

It has not been officially confirmed nor denied that the supposed meltdown by Dennis Quaid, with his calling the behavior of people on the set unprofessional, occurred while on the set of Truth, but that is the most recent movie ha has been working on. If the whole thing was staged, the incident could have been filmed almost anywhere.

Someone apparently wanders onto the set, and Dennis Quaid goes ballistic in the video, which cannot be included here because of the profane language in it. Quaid was asked to keep on acting, despite the interruption.

Somebody tries to calm Dennis Quaid down in the video, and he tells them “Don’t … ‘Dennis’ me.” Quaid lets fly some choice expletives and the video, which was posted on YouTube on Friday with no explanations. He says in the clip that he is “doing my job here,” and he says that he is “a pro.” Quaid adds that “This is the most unprofessional set I have ever been on.” Then, the video shows him storming off of the set, and the noise of a door slamming can be heard.

Those people who argue that Dennis Quaid’s outburst was “real” have brought up that if it was meant to be a prank, or meant to make fun of Christian Bale, Quaid would have been aware the clip was destined for network TV, and he would not have used as many expletives. His words do not sound like they were lines from a script, but more like someone having a genuine meltdown.

However, those in the camp of Dennis Quaid’s meltdown being all a stunt point out that TMZ called it a “stunt” after Dennis Quaid was asked in New York City what had happened and he replied “C’mon, man,” with a look that might have been a smirk on his face. Also, Quaid is going to appear of Jimmy Kimmel Live in the near future to promote the Dan Rather biopic, Truth, and Kimmel’s show has been noted for creating prank sorts of videos, like the infamous one about a “twerking girl.”

Was Dennis Quaid’s “meltdown” real, or was it an elaborate prank or joke, pre-planned with the knowledge and/or help of talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel? If it was real, Dennis Quaid’s meltdown was more “unprofessional” than the behavior that he criticized, about a crew member wandering onto the set. If it was meant to be a prank or a joke, few people, if any, seem to have “got” the joke. If it was meant to be an elaborate joke, it looks like it might have backfired on Dennis Quaid.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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