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Comic Con Wizard World

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The Walking Dead television series is a show that has blown the minds of thousands of very loyal viewers, leaving all who watch wishing it were the following week just to be able to catch the next episode. Any serious fan of the show spent their Saturday at the only place that would make any type of logical sense, Wizard World Comic Con located at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Not only were die-hard fans of The Walking Dead at the event, but so were thousands of other people looking for a great place to enjoy their favorite TV show, favorite movies, and of course, their favorite comic books of all time.

Several celebrities made an appearance at the Las Vegas Comic Con event, including the cast of The Walking Dead with members Steven Yeun, David Morrissey, Michael Cudlitz, Emily Kinney and Seth Gilliam who made themselves available to all their fans to sign autographs and take photos. Needless to say, in order to get either an autograph or a photo, money had to be paid to get it. For people coming to the event, they find it to be most fun just because they are experiencing something that involves spending time with people that share their same interests and celebrities that they probably will never get another chance to hang out with again.

All fans that attend Comic Con are encouraged to wear costumes that transform them into their favorite characters. The huge convention is said to have the power of bringing out the inner child in every single person who walks through the door. The number of celebrities that show up is crazy, not to mention all the unique merchandise that is available for purchase. A lot of the hits that were a crowd pleaser at Wizard World Comic Con were Star Wars, which is a no brainer, Guardians of the Galaxy and like previously mentioned, The Walking Dead.

There were some disappointed Comic Con attendees who were rather unimpressed with the turn out and atmosphere of Wizard World Comic Con. Some people said they had traveled for 300 miles just to get to Vegas to attend the Wizard World Comic Con event, only to see that not too many people showed up and the expected flashiness that anybody would have expected, being in Vegas and all, was just kind of dull with a swap meet type feel to it. Nevertheless, they did their best to have a good time and considering it was Comic Con, trying to have a decent time was not that hard of an effort.

One of the reasons why Comic Con is so popular, is that most people really love to be around celebrities, even if they do not even really know who that celebrity is, a lot of people will share the story of how they were talking to that one guy from that one show that everybody has been talking about lately. Another reason why Comic Con has made an insane name for itself is the fact that people get to come and completely let loose.

There is a rule for all people who attend Wizard World Comic Con and that rule is to have fun. That is the only purpose for being there. The only instance in which grown adults behaving like children is not frowned upon is during Wizard World Comic Con.

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