Blue Bell Creameries Will Get Back on Track

Blue Bell Creameries Will Get Back on Track

Blue Bell Creameries

Though Blue Bell Creameries has taken a hit, with the recent listeria scare from some of their products which tested positive, the company is sure that they will soon get back on track. To show this they voluntarily recalled all products in 23 states, in order to test products and investigate. Though media sources state that officials and employees at Blue Bell Creameries are heartbroken about having to recall their products, consumers are their number one concern. With the outbreak of listeria spreading to ten people, among four states, it is important to Blue Bell Creameries that they get the bacteria taken care of, before re-releasing their products back into the market.

What started as a small concern, quickly became a larger threat. After three people died from listeria, their deaths were investigated and determined to be linked to ice cream products made at Blue Bell Creameries. Though all three had, at some point or another, received medical treatment at the same hospital in Kansas, officials at Blue Bell Creameries began to grow a bit suspicious of their products. Testing all machines from the chain where that specific shipment of ice cream may have come from, lead Blue Bell Creameries’ officials to discover that listeria was hiding in one of the machines at their Brenham, Texas location.

After recalling just eight products, of the dozens that they offer, Blue Bell Creameries believed that the matter was under control. That is, until more people fell ill. In cross-checking records, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) determined that people actually began getting sick in 2010, but nothing was linked to Blue Bell Creameries. This let officials at the company know that there was more to the problem, than they originally expected.

On Tuesday, Blue Bell Creameries released a statement of how they plan to get back on track, stating that the matter will be taken care of as quickly as possible. The statement said that each day Blue Bell Creameries gets closer to figuring out what happened that caused a listeria strain to infect their products. According to sources, Blue Bell Creameries has hired microbiologists, upped their employee training, and cooperated with federal officials in order to handle the situation.

As a company with over 100 years in service, Blue Bell Creameries has struggled with recalling all of their products, as the chain of recent recalls, over several months, has been their first. With billions of dollars in profit, Blue Bell Creameries will probably not see a big loss, if they can get the matter taken care of in a timely manner.

Until then, Blue Bell Creameries is working hard to get the information out to consumers so that everyone is aware of the situation, and no more sickness or deaths will occur from it. Blue Bell Creameries has also made many statements about the matter, most likely as an effort to continue to keep a good relationship with their customers. On the home page of Blue Bell Creameries website, the normal picture is now overshadowed by two large text boxes. One says, “About our Voluntary Recall, Click here to read,” and the other states, “A Message From Our CEO and President, Click here to read.” Both messages show Blue Bell Creameries’ support in trying to handle the matter in the best way.

Though the CDC has warned consumers not to eat Blue Bell products, Blue Bell Creameries has assured customers that when the time is right they will have things back on track. Until then the company is working very hard to figure out how to get rid of the listeria problem. With this being their first recall in over a century, Blue Bell Creameries is sure to take measures in the future, to prevent something like this from happening again.

By Crystal Boulware


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