Android May Be in Trouble in Europe

Android May Be in Trouble in Europe


With the new investigation of the European Union Competition Commission, Android may be in big trouble. As many attacks have been made on Google and the way they do business in Europe, the new investigation may also send complaints against the tech operating system.

The purpose of the European Union Competition Commission is to encourage businesses to offer goods and services that are favorable to customers. The commission allows for business to find fair competition for a thriving European economy. In the instance of the Anti-trust law, which is what the EU believes the company Google is violating, the law prohibits companies from joining with other companies to reduce competition, as every company plays off of another, and overruling the market in a dominant position, which then allows the dominant company to outplay competition and raise prices or play favoritism with consumers.

As Europe does much to protect their economy, they have been investigating Google and all of their operations. As Google is said to be the most widely used search engine, the company also has a lot of other goods and services, as well as deals with other companies. Though other search engines and companies in America seem to thrive okay, even with Google around, the European Union has accused Google of violating their anti-trust laws, by discouraging competition.

A ‘Statement of Objections’ was sent to Google over the dominance of their search engine. The EU states that the Google search engine stifles competition and harms consumers. Google will have a chance to prove that they do no such thing with their search engine, but if found in violation of the anti-trust policy, the consequences could be dire.

Though Google is not necessarily worried over the objection of their search engine, according to sources, they are distinctly worried about the Competition Commission’s look into the technology system, Android. As Android is installed in many mobile devices, like phones and tablets, it could potentially be found to also be in violation. With a separate investigation into Android, a finding of being in violation of the anti-trust law, could see the depletion of the operating system in Europe, meaning Android may be in trouble.

As Microsoft was already found in violation of the competitive laws in Europe, through bundling, they were forced to a 1.5 million dollar fine. The commission is investigating Android for much bigger charges, as they are not only looking at Android for bundling, but also pre-installations of apps and services, and blocking modified versions of the Android software.

Even more so, the investigation into Android could mean an even deeper consequence, as Google has stated that their system, Android, does not make them as much profit as they hoped it would. Many of their other products and services bring in high amounts but in comparison Android, which is shy of that, is not their best selling product. With so many gadgets hosting Android systems, many think that it makes the big bucks.

As the European Union Competition Commission has been looking into Google for months, their investigation into Android was not a surprise. But with so many investigations, and now, statements of objection, the company may be seeing some big losses. Especially in Europe, Android may be in trouble.

By Crystal Boulware


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  1. Google/Android CANNOT be in trouble in Europe because of the reasons cited. Know why? Because EVERYONE has a choice. You can compile your own Android. It’s free. The version that comes on 90% of devices(with Google services) is due to a handset program they have where manufacturers can join to gain Google services. Otherwise like Amazon and hundreds of smaller(mostly Asian) companies, they can compile their own version of Android. Cyanogenmod has just proved this by joining with MS to provide Bing and other MS services on Android. Verizon changed the defaults to MS searches a few years ago as well. So no Google and Android are not in trouble from anyone other than the supremely uneducated.

    • Yea well that it was I said, lol, but apparently the EU competitive commission does not think so. Apparently Google is “dominating.” Well, of course they are. They are a good company with good products. They also went after Microsoft, a move which I could not believe. Apparently they also have more companies they want to ‘investigate.’

    • You’re ignorance is astounding. You don’t even understand the basics. Educate yourself. It has to do with abusing a monopoly. Microsoft was busted for this more than a decade ago. There was choice when Microsoft was busted. The fact that there is choice has nothing to do with.