Ben Carson: Educated but Uninformed

Ben Carson: Educated but Uninformed

Ben Carson

Who is Ben Carson? Unless you’re a politico or a member of the TEA Party you probably know nothing about him. He is a retired neurosurgeon, and is now an author. The most important thing to know is that he wants to be your President. He’s one of many Republicans who have that aspiration. Before he even begins his campaign in earnest, he has already demonstrated that he failed some of his college courses, that he doesn’t believe in medical science, and is most likely a bigot.

Carson launched an ‘exploratory committee’ on Wednesday. In an interview by Chris Cuomo on CNN’s ‘New Day,’ He claimed that gay rights are different than civil rights because being gay is a choice; it is not a naturally occurring situation. Cuomo asked Carson why he thought that being gay was a choice. The doctor responded by saying that there is definite proof that it is a conscious decision. He said that when people go to prison and are straight, they often come out of prison as homosexuals; something changed them while they were incarcerated.

The American Psychological Association long ago determined that individuals have little or no choice about their sexual orientation.

Where does Cason stand on the issues?

  • Ben Carson is against what he calls ‘abortion for convenience.’ At one time he convinced the mother of a fetus diagnosed to be hydrocephalic not to have an abortion.
  • His belief about the economy doesn’t have a definition. He says the ‘the economy should work the way it’s supposed to work. He believes all government agencies should have their funding cut by 10percent.
  • Civil rights: Minorities are no longer ‘underdogs;’ they have reached equality. Same-sex marriage should not be allowed. Affirmative Action is wrong. It was okay to grant reparations to the Japanese who were in internment camps during WWII, but not for victims of slavery.
  • Carson believes in tax breaks for corporations; they are the job creators.
  • His stance on crime is the white man’s point of view. He respects ‘stand your ground’ laws. He supports law enforcement and says that there is no discrimination between the treatment blacks and whites receive.
  • Carson opposes common core education.
  • His energy policy would increase off-shore drilling and drilling in the Alaskan Wildlife Reserves.
  • Carson believes that the United States has more exceptional qualities than the rest of the world. He says that America is ‘different.’ He also suggests that we shouldn’t be overly concerned with poverty, after all, it’s worse in other countries such as India or Africa.
  • Speaking of government reform, he believes that there should be more doctors and fewer lawyers in Congress. He would lengthen the House term from two years to as many as six or ten, with no possibility of reelection.
  • Gun laws should remain as they are with no registration or background checks. Assault rifles should be legal in the ‘countryside’ only, not in the cities.
  • Carson compares the Affordable Care Act to slavery. He believes insurance companies should be treated like non-profit agencies and not be taxed.
  • The size of our military should be increased.
  • Immigration reform should be limited to a guest worker program, not legal status. The priority should be on border security.
  • His opinion on job growth is that unions are bad for business.


Here he is ladies and gentlemen. As it is with most Republican hopefuls, the vast majority of his positions are carbon copies.

By James Turnage


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  1. Clearly, one can choose to be an idiot, since Carson so often does. As for situational sexuality (such as men and women having sex with each other in prisons, which they do because prisons are same-sex institutions and no other option is provided). Situational sexuality also affects (and afflicts) individuals who are genuinely homosexual. In fact, until the present generation, the vast majority pretended to be heterosexual (what God wanted, apparently), including opposite sex spouses and children. These days, that is much less common, especially among young people (who, sensibly, don’t care what “God Wants”), except for the handful of “ex-gays” who make a big fuss about it (also, apparently, because that is what “God Wants”), although there are very few of them and they normally don’t remain “ex” for very long.