Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker: Where They are Now

Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker: Where They are Now

Rand Paul

Denying that they had made the commitment to enter the 2016 presidential race has made them look like fools. Republicans will see a literal herd seeking its party’s nomination. A few of those sure to be in the debate are making moves indicative of future action.

Rand Paul, the junior Senator from Kentucky, has been campaigning since the TEA Party secured his election in 2010. There has never been a shred of doubt that he wanted to live in the White House. However, he has not declared that fact, yet. An insider now says that ‘if’ he chooses to run, he will make that announcement in the second week of April.

Paul champions libertarian views, and attempts to separate himself from other GOP hopefuls. His views on foreign aid, rushing to war, monetary policies and penalties for criminals are diametrically opposed to the majority of Republicans. At least vocally he has views which are more closely aligned with Independent politicians and voters. We must remember two things; he is a politician, and politicians seldom speak the truth, and then only when they are forced to admit to an exposed lie. Secondly, he is a TEA Party darling. They are extremists and Paul is supported by them. Where will his loyalty be if he is elected?

Wednesday Jeb Bush began rhetoric attempting to separate himself from his older brother. Speaking in Chicago, Bush said that sometimes his views are aligned with his father’s and his brother’s, and sometimes they oppose them. He said, ‘I am my own man.’

Bush is working feverishly to secure donors, while his ‘Right to Rise’ PAC is contacting supporters. But the issue of his brother’s failed presidency will haunt him. As he becomes more deeply entrenched in his bid for the White House, issues such as the invasion of Iraq under false pretenses, the deregulation of the banking industry resulting in a recession, and the revelation that he approved methods of torture will surface once again; if not from other Republicans, voters will surely offer their concerns.

An indicator that Bush will be in the primaries emanated from his mother recently. Although she once said that ‘there had been enough Bush’s in the White House,’ she has changed her position and fully supports her youngest son.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is another TEA Party favorite. Although he has proven himself a racist, bigot, and continually defeats assistance for his state’s impoverished citizens, his popularity has remained strong.

Speaking on FOX Tuesday, he defended his choice to leave college before earning his degree. He called Howard Dean and ‘elitist’ for questioning his decision. Walker said that he left school to take a job, eventually create his own business, and then enter politics.

He said he believes that the American people would prefer a working man to lead them, instead of a member of Washington’s Ivy League educated conformists.

These statements prove that he will be in the fray when the debates begin, in spite of his record in Wisconsin.

Presidential hopefuls must keep themselves in the news. The more the average voter hears their name or watches them speak, the greater their chance of obtaining their party’s nomination. All three of these men are doing well in various polls, and there is no doubt that they will be on primary ballots.

Commentary by James Turnage




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