Rand Paul Doubts Jeb Bush can Win

Rand Paul Doubts Jeb Bush can Win


I love it, campaigning has begun, and, as expected it won’t be pretty. The candidates will be chipping away at each other, and countering attacks from their fellow party members. Rand Paul fired the first salvo at Jeb Bush claiming that most Republicans won’t vote for him.

Rand Paul was speaking in Naples, Florida. He said that Jeb Bush is not extreme enough to win the Republican base. He said he is too moderate; and this is bad how? Extremism is the reason our government is broken.

Bush has separated himself from some Republicans because he favors sensible immigration reform and common core education.

Paul talked about education. He says that a standardized form of education will teach our children inaccurately. He believes each state should set their own standard, and approve the books from which our children learn.

Republicans in many states favor history books which focus on American principles and ideals rather than facts. Oklahoma is presently prepared to vote on changing the way history is remembered. Legislators want to remove passages about slavery, and other issues which forced social change. Oklahoma would replace speeches by Dr. King with speeches by Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

The Republican Party’s nominee will be the candidate who is the most savvy politician. He will know which battles he can win and those he is likely to lose. For example; most presidential hopefuls are removing themselves from the discussion of same-sex marriage. Although Bush was adamantly opposed to it when he was the Governor of Florida, now he has softened his rhetoric.

The primaries will most likely see battles over immigration, and foreign policy. Immigration has become our nation’s most serious problem, and it can no longer be put aside.

ISIS and renewing relations with Cuba will be contentious. Paul, whose platform is based on Libertarian principles, is against military action in foreign lands. And he stands alone, separating himself from other potential candidates, calling the President’s efforts with Havana ‘a good idea.’ Bush has always rejected any relations with Cuba, courting the refugees residing in his home state of Florida.

Paul has begun campaigning early, and his strategy is clear. He is working his plan to have voters see him as ‘different’ from other Republican hopefuls. While some insignificant Republicans supported Rudy Giuliani when he said that he believes President Obama doesn’t love his country, Paul is the only potential candidate who said that disagreeing on policy is one thing, but suggesting that one person knows another’s motives is dubious at best.

He is also the only Republican seeking the White House who has reached out to minorities. Blacks and Hispanics must decide if he is sincere or merely pandering

Is Rand Paul right, or is he out of touch with Republican voters when he says that Bush cannot win? Has the GOP drifted so far to the right that compromise is no longer a word in its vocabulary?

Bring on the debates; I am ready for some good old fashioned mud-slinging. There should be lots of it even before the debates begin next year.

By James Turnage





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  1. Media needs to stop inserting their own opinions and relay the facts. The whole Bush family is bought and paid for. Hillary let an ambassador die. Rand Paul Is the only candidate with nuts.

    • >The whole Bush family is bought and paid for.

      Yeah unlike Rand. It’s not like the Koch Brothers support him financially or anything oh wait