Justin Bieber Comedy Central Roast Will Be About Yuks and Yolks

Justin Bieber Comedy Central Roast Will Be About Yuks and Yolks

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The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber will be on March 30, 2015, and it will be all about the yuks and the yolks. Hilarious comedian Kevin Hart will host the roast, and the Biebster will be the butt of jokes, yuks and ridicule directed his way by some of the funniest comedians and stars around, and he will also be treated to his shirtless body getting pelted with eggs. Check out the video below, proving that the yolks, as well as the yuks, will definitely be on Justin on March 30!

In the 30-second promo for the Comedy Central Roast, Justin Bieber, 20, got the chance to find out first-hand what it feels like to get egged, kind of like the house of a neighbor he got in legal trouble for having allegedly egged. On him, though, the golden yellow yolks that hit him in slow motion did not cause the $80,900 in damages that reportedly resulted when the house got pelted with eggs.

It is likely that the legal troubles that Justin Bieber has gotten himself involved in will be a big part of the jokes that will be aimed at him by the sharp barbs of the comedians roasting the singer. Besides when he allegedly egged his neighbor’s house, the Biebs has gotten into legal trouble for having driven under the influence, driving with an expired license, smoking marijuana, driving his Can-Am Spyder on the sidewalk in Beverly Hills, spitting on neighbors, drag racing and resisting arrest, among other offenses.

Not long after the Biebster allegedly egged his neighbor’s house, in January 2014 in Calabasas, California, presumably because the neighbor had complained about his loud parties, Justin Bieber had his own house visited and raided by the police. They confiscated his cell phone and reportedly several empty containers prescription meds had once been in. The police did not arrest Justin Bieber, but they did arrest one of the Bieb’s friends, Lil Za, on felony possession charges of OxyContin and ecstasy.

Justin Bieber was eventually charged with the act of misdemeanor vandalism July of last year. Besides being ordered by the court to pay his neighbor $80,000 in restitution he also had to attend an anger management program and perform five days of community service.

While Justin Bieber is not clad in his Calvin Kleins, the top half of his body is sans shirt, and his tattoos are on display, along with his chiseled pecs. The Biebster actually asked to be roasted by Comedy Central, possibly, in part, as a form of atonement for his past misdeeds. He apparently wants to show that he can take the verbal assault that will be directed at him, and that he was a good sport about getting egged in the promo. As the video ends, Justin Bieber throws an egg back towards the camera, and viewers can see the caption “Come and get it.”

Justin Bieber basically said that the Comedy Central Roast if a form of atonement for him when he was recently interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres. He told her he thinks that “it’s cool just to be able to laugh at yourself,” adding that he wanted “to be able to…own up to some of the things.”

Two of the comedians who will be joining Kevin Hart in the roast of Justin Bieber will be Jeff Ross and Chris D’Elia. Hart has stated that he will really let Bieber have it and that it will “be a tough day for Biebs.” Despite Hart’s being a good friend of Bieber’s, he said that the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber will be “no-holds-barred.”

Getting roasted on a Comedy Central Roast might be a form of atonement in the eyes of Justin Bieber, and it does show that he is a good sport. However, the question remains if the roast might somehow serve to help his image very much or if a segment of the public might still think of him as being a spoiled rich brat and a punk who thinks he is above the law. Justin Bieber still has legions of loyal fans around the world, so even if he does not succeed in swaying minds and winning hearts, it might not matter very much in the long run.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Justin Bieber Getting Egged — the Yuks and Yolks Will Be on the Biebster this March

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